Sunday, December 26, 2010

Have You Ever Guessed Your Gift Before You Opened It?

Words can't even describe the joy on my children's faces and the love I could feel in my house Christmas Eve and morning. And my kids intuition was on high alert. It started when I handed my son, Josh (6 years old), a present. It was an average sized box that could have been a game, clothes, snapcircuits... He held the wrapped gift in his tiny boyish hands, and with a big two-front teeth missing smile, he said, "I know what it is!" My heart stopped beating, my mind turned back to memories of times when I started saying those words, "I know what it is!" Since I was a child, every Christmas and every birthday, I would try to predict what someone had gotten me for a present. In fact, it even became a game between my mom and I. She would wrap my gifts in these odd sized boxes hoping that I wouldn't be able to predict it. There was even once when I was living in Atlanta, Georgia where she mailed me a television sized box, trying to throw me off her scent. "Did you get it?" she asked on the phone.

"Yes," I said excited.
"You'll never guess what it is," she replied.
"A fuzz buster (radar detector)," I said out of the blue.
"Mom... Mom are you there?" I had again predicted her gift.
Going back to Josh, I asked him what he thought the gift was wondering if he really was going to be able to guess it correctly. "It's a lego game!" he shouted, smiling from ear to ear. "Really, open it," I said, curiously. Josh quickly ripped the wrapping paper off the present and lo and behold it was the Minotaurus Lego game. His accuracy in guessing didn't stop there. He picked up a medium sized box and said, "This is Club Penguin!" and he was right. Then, we had all three sit with a gift in hand. I asked if anyone knew what it was. All three said, "No." Then, Josh said, "Okay, is it Mario Wii?" Unbelievable. It was a Mario Wii!

So much fun helping your child trust their intuition!

Happy Holidays,


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