Friday, December 31, 2010

How To Keep Positive Energy Around You In 2011

Visualization is the ability to use your imagination to picture images of what you would like to manifest. This is a powerful tool when you add to it feelings, intention, and action. Visualization can bring changes into your life sometimes immediately!

The following exercise not only can provide you with a sense of protection, but also can empower you to not allow others negative thoughts or words affect you.

Personal Energy Protection Exercise:
Visualize a white light coming down from the universe surrounding your body as if you are in a white energy cocoon. As you see, feel, or sense the white energy surrounding your body, begin visualizing, feeling, or sensing how solid it is. Notice that there aren’t any holes, rips, or tears in it. See and feel its power and strength. Visualize anything unhealthy such as negative thoughts reflecting off the white cocoon and bouncing back to where it came from. As you go throughout your day, continue visualizing yourself in this white warm secure cocoon protecting you from any negativity that you may encounter on your path.
Make 2011 a powerful and positive year!
Happy New Year,

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