Thursday, December 30, 2010

When Will a Working Mom Finally Get a Good Nights Sleep?

My husband now snores! I prided myself (I may even have bragged a bit) on falling in love with a skeptic husband who didn't snore. What a gift! What a blessing! That was one criteria I had in a mate. And God blessed me with it. That's what I thought. For the past 6 months, I lie in bed every night, taking deep breathes, counting the seconds before I give Michael a big hard push (or whack!). Now I not only whack him, but I make sure he wakes up to realize he's snoring again. His responses have been interesting. "Sorry, I only snore on my back." First, how would he even know he only snores on his back. He's sound asleep. Second, its totally a Michael Moraja folklore because I've caught him snoring on his side.
We're at 9 1/2 years of marriage. Have we hit a milestone? The one where the husband (it definitely will not be me) sleeps on the couch every night, so the wife (me) gets a good nights sleep.
I mean, when will a working mom (me) finally get a good nights sleep? It's been over 8 years. It started with my first pregnancy. My pregnant hormonal state pumped my veins with a love for life where I'd wake up two to three times a night, hours at a time. Then my baby was born. I think that answers itself. Then I got pregnant with twins and the same pregnant love for life energy filled my veins again. Then they were born. Again, every parent knows what my life was like for the next five years. But its still happening. If it's not my husband snoring, then its my kids waking me up cause they have to go to the bathroom, or had a bad nightmare, or are thirsty, or have a stuffy nose, or just want to be with me. If it's not them, then its my 11 year old cat on her hind legs, banging her front paws on our bureau, or television console, or door because she likes the loud echoing sound.
Has my relationship evolved to the state of sleeping in separate rooms? Either that or my husband so is getting nose plugs!
Light, Love and Blissful Sleepful Nights in 2011

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