Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Did You Read My Mind, Or Did I Read Yours?

The other night, as I was making dinner, Jake (my 7 year old son) and I were talking about how school was going. A thought entered my mind, so I said to Jake, "Jake has there been any bully's that you know of at your school?" Jake jumped out of his seat and with his arms wide open and standing in a get-ready football stance, he excitedly shouted, "I was just thinking that! Mom, you read my mind!" He was so excited that he picked up on exactly what I was thinking and then said.

I paused a moment and said, "Are you sure you read my mind, or do you think I read yours?" Jake said, "I definitely read yours!"

It's like the chicken and the egg. Where did the thought originate from-was it my mind, or my son's? Or did it enter both of our mind's at the same time?

I find myself quite often thinking about someone and within seconds they call or email me. Or I'll be sitting on the couch watching a television show, thinking about ordering a pizza and my husband out of the blue will ask if I want to order a pizza. Its situations like these that confirm how connected each and every one of us are to one another. Yet, we all try so hard to be separate.

To add on to the conservation, Jake also shared he can hear whispers. He had my complete attention. He told me that there were two Kindergarteners at his school whispering something about him. As he stood thinking about what they were saying, a thought came into his mind, so he walked up to them both and said, "You think I'm Koo Koo." The two kids said, "Yes!" Jake was so excited that he was able to guess what they had whispered to each other.

Kids are very receptive to thoughts and new experiences. They are like sponges, picking up on thoughts and feelings, and learning how to cope with them.
Today, pay attention to all the thoughts that enter your mind. If one is negative, replace it with a positive thought!

Have a great day discovering what is entering your mind!


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