Thursday, January 20, 2011

Five Things To Do To Beat the Winter Blues

A friend of mine, earlier this week, mentioned that CNN repeatedly talked about the most depressing day of the year which someone statistically calculated is in January. The news is one of our greatest depressors. It's stories which typically are about shootings, financial crisis, terrorists, political upheavals, and other tragic incidents are repetitive through out the day, leaving you (the viewer) with only negative thoughts and energy bombarding your mind and emotions. If you know anything about hypnosis, or overcoming a bad habit, repetition is key! Say it, do it, and believe it for a certain amount of time and it becomes part of your consciousness and actions.

So, that leaves most of us after the holidays, entering the New Year no longer with caroling and parties, but instead with cold news filled nights taking in more negativity than positive energy.

Here's five tips to help you combat those winter blues!
  • Don't watch the news. Or, at least, cut down on the amount of time you watch and read about negative stories, especially in January and February, the two greatest winter blues months.
  • Only talk and hangout with upbeat happy people. Or, at least, cut down on talking to the people who enjoy negative gossiping and whining.
  • Go out and do something fun every weekend! You may have to force yourself to get out of the house, but it really can help trigger the "happy" endorphins in your brain. Go to a bookstore. Go see a funny movie. Go bowling. Go rollerskating. Go workout.
  • Turn on some upbeat music and dance! Or even better, go take a dance class.
  • Do something creative or physical such as painting, scrapbooking, or playing a sport.
This January and February, smile, say your positive affirmations, and wear bright happy colors!

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stacia222 said...

Thanks for the tips, great post! Jan can be a bit depressing and be a big letdown from the holidays. Exercising and spending time with my kids helps me. And just getting out of the house & doing something fun! Great post! I look fireavto reading more.


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