Tuesday, January 04, 2011

How Can a Work at Home Mom Find Time to Stay Fit?

Someone asked me today how I was able to write, illustrate, and publish seven books, parent three children less than 16 months apart with a husband who travels, stay fit, and consult. It came down to me creatively using the lack of time a mom has.

It was pretty obvious once I had children, there was never enough solo time for me-to write, consult, and workout. But if you really are motivated, you can find a way. And I did!
My husband bought a family YMCA membership, so I could workout. He wanted to give me some time where I could do something for me. Of course, there was an added plus for him-a wife that lost her pregnancy weight.
I participated in a few Yoga classes at the YMCA, but soon realized I wasn't getting the time I needed to do the things I was passionate about. So instead of working out at the YMCA, I would drop all three of my kids off at the childrens supervised play area for two hours a day, and head to a small quiet area within the building to write, and catch up on emails. I then created a workout program with my kids. We'd dance, jump and run. I'd sit each one on my stomach and do sit-ups. I'd hold one at a time in my arms and do squats. I learned to burn calories and get toned by playing, laughing, and having fun with my children; and I found an inexpensive supervised play zone environment to watch my kids, so I could get some work done.
As a mom, or new parent, if you really are motivated in starting a new project or finishing one, and you have young kids, there are ways! Don't give up! Get creative! Think outside the box!

Make 2011 a year where you begin creating your dreams,

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