Monday, January 03, 2011

Word of the Day! And Affirmation of the Week!

It's the third day of teaching my children to think positive, and say their affirmations. This morning I thought I'd try a more simpler approach for them. Instead of a phrase or saying for the day, we've changed it to the word of the day. Their word of the day is "DSI!" haaa haaa. They all said it makes them happy and brings the biggest smile to their faces.

There is a little history with the DSI. Only one of my children have it. Josh and Madison begged and pleaded to Santa, hoping he'd (or should I say 'she'd') wrap it and place it carefully under the Christmas tree. Santa decided, with the overwhelming voice of her husband, to wait until their 7th bday to give it to them. Disappointment could be felt on Christmas morning. But now, the wait, the excitement of knowing they'll be getting one in six months is flooding their little minds and hearts.

This morning at 6:00 am, they sat at the kitchen island discussing the color they wanted their DSI to come in-Madison pink and Josh is thinking either white or orange. White because its a penguin color. He is really into penguins this year. And orange so if he loses it, he'll be able to easily find it.

So their word of the day, and possibly next six months, is DSI!

I'm sticking with the phrases and sayings. Mine today is, "I am healthy and happy!" I have this kink in my neck which really has been painful. Could be stress related... holidays can do that to you. Hoping it's from not using these rubber workout bands correctly.

This week, let's make it a healthy, happy, painless, stretching week!

Happy Holidays,


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