Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"Impossible" is a word that restricts our own success

This past Sunday, Michael and I took our children to their first Circus experience. It was truly amazing. And yes, it is one of the world's greatest shows! A must see.

During the show, as we all were watching three females do these mind-boggling bends and balancing acts, my oldest son taps me on the arm and says, "This just isn't possible. Mom, this just isn't possible." His mind couldn't comprehend the way the acrobats bodies bent, not too mention, a man walking and dancing on firey glass chips and a very attractive female entertainer holding a man high above her head without any support.

I actually was envious. These entertainers could do things with their body that I believe all of us can do if we took the time and were disciplined enough to stretch and become one with our physical self. Each performer had mastered concentration, focus, and oneness with their physcial self. It was motivating!

The word "impossible" limits our own ability to succeed and accomplish our goals. From my perspective, nothing is impossible.

Take some time to think about what you thought was impossible, but someone proved it was? Now take a moment and think about what has been holding you back. Do you believe you aren't able to do something? Do you believe in yourself--your strengths and your potential? Today is the day to realize you can accomplish anything you set your mind too. The onlyone holding you back is yourself!

I leave you with one thought! "Believe in possibility!"

Light, Love, and Laughter


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