Thursday, May 26, 2011

Astrology News! Change is Inevitable - It's Time to Define Relationships, Set Boundaries, and Make Agreements

Great news! Saturn goes direct June 13, 2011!!
Theme: Finding balance in relationships and partnerships.

Saturn is the planet that teaches you to take responsibility. It slows life down to make you live life in the present, giving you the opportunity to gain inner strength and eliminate what is not working. In the end, you will discover that you can't just point the finger at someone else or turn your head to a situation (run-away). It's time to learn from your mistakes and face reality.

With Saturn in Libra, its energy will focus on finding balance, solutions, and resolutions to issues at hand, especially with partnership and relationships. It's a time of making commitments and defining boundaries.

In the United States, the focus will be on defining international relationships and handling unexpected Earth changes. Building alliances, making agreements, and defining international boundaries will be key in the next several months.

Saturn moving direct comes at a time of other big astrological changes. You aren't alone! Sometimes it seems easier to just runaway from our problems then facing them head on. The energy is to face the issues direct, find compromises, set boundaries, and in the end, growth and progress will be made.


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