Monday, May 14, 2012

ASTROLOGY UPDATE: Venus Retrograde Sends Relationships to the Forefront

Venus goes retrograde May 15, 2012 to June 27, 2012. Focus is on relationships and what you value the most!

I'm sure many of us can use a hug right now. The problem is, Venus won't be supporting lots of love. With Venus going retrograde in Gemini, you will be looking back at past relationships (friendships and family included) and reevaluating present. It is a time to evaluate why certain people are in your life and what value they have in your life. But people are just a fraction of what Venus affects. It also brings to the forefront what is most important. Is it a football game with the guys, instead of attending your childs sporting event? Is it coffee with a friend, instead of working out? Is it picking up the phone and calling your sibling, or turning on the television and watching Greys Anatomy?

In a nut shell, with Venus going retrograde, it is advised not to start new relationships or even get married. Any cosmetic work (even those BOTOX treatments), should be postponed. And it's not a great time to make major financial decisions because you may regret it, later.

Hope that helps!!!

More to come when Neptune goes retrograde in June. Water is Neptunes speciality. And June is the start of hurricane season.



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