Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ASTROLOGY NEWS: Try Not To Overreact--Uranus and Mercury Go Retrograde!

Temper, temper, temper people! On July 13th, be ready for change (which could even be explosive in nature) and if you aren't ready, you most likely will start feeling as if you are missing out on opportunities. Let go of feeling restricted, and instead focus on ways to start expanding and expressing yourself. Now is the time to improve your presentation!

During the next six months, while Uranus is in retrograde, start building your one and five year plan, so when Uranus moves direct in December, 2012, you can take off with a big bang!

This time period will be one of changing your attitude. And with the political race in the forefront of every one's minds, be ready for some new discoveries that will impact how you view each candidate.

Also, when you add Mercury into the equation (Mercury goes retrograde on July 14th a day after Uranus goes retrograde), electrical storms and technical outages come into the picture. It's no wonder we've had outages the past week and an passengers on an airplane flying from Aruba to Miami experienced terrifying turbulence. Communication, technology, idea's, and discoveries are all impacted when Uranus and Mercury go retrograde or direct. And both's affect will be amplified for the next three weeks!

On the positive, these two planets can help you rework that proposal so you can land that deal when Mercury goes direct, August 8th.

This weekend, I would be on the cautious side while driving and traveling. Expect delays at the airport. And take your time when it comes to your projects, especially any involving communication and technology. If your motherboard is going to blow, it will be within the next few days to week. If you haven't had that tune-up, you may want to do it now.

Pay attention to what you say and how you say it, because it could lead to major miscommunications.

Listen, take your time and take a deep breath before reacting--or overreacting! And don't forget to think, think, think before you do, do, do!


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