Wednesday, January 02, 2013

My Guardian Angel Doesn't Have Wings

For the past few days, I've been thinking about what I should write about in my blog to start off the New Year - 2013! A few days ago, as I was holding my newest book that I wrote, Madison and G.A. (My Guardian Angel) The Tale of the Slimy Spitball, I realized it was time to share how the story was created-- based on fact and fiction.

When I was little, I had an imaginary friend who kept me company and made me feel safe. And when I became a mom, I discovered that my children also had imaginary friends, all without wings.

It was in 2008 that I had a dream where my imaginary friend came to visit me. She looked the same, just older. A petite strong friend with beautiful whitish blond hair. She reminded me of a fairy, but wasn't. She stood in a field filled with hundreds of roses. Roses without thorns. As she guided me to an area with one glorious Maple tree encircled within healthy green, thick grass, I noticed golden rays of light flowing from her back. At times the energy took shape in the form of wings and even had the texture of thousands of feathers. I told her that I remembered her. She then smiled at me and shared...

"We're all angels. Every single one of us. We all our special and unique. Yet we all are the same. We're not perfect and we don't need to be. And each of us earns our wings to become the best that we can be. Look to your children for the answers."

The dream was so real. In fact, there have been many times since then that I have smelled the scent of roses that surrounded her in my vision. She still visits me and guides me, giving me glimpses of a world that just seems like a blink of an eye away. In fact, my daughter has mentioned that if she blinks really fast she can see things that aren't here (something I too experienced as a child).

The dream inspired me to write a children's book about what I have learned about guardian angels. They are heavenly and are here to guide and protect each and everyone of us. But they aren't perfect and they do make mistakes. Like us, they are still learning and growing. But they are here and I'm sure if you take a moment you can think of a time where something greater intervened in your life-your guardian angel!

In Madison and G.A. (My Guardian Angel) The Tale of the Slimy Spitball, the story itself is fiction; however, there are many parts such as my dream like visits with my guardian angel and events about my children that are based on real experiences.

One last thought. Perhaps if science could tap into our dreams and visions, we'd finally get the answers to all of our questions, like why we are here.

With love and Happy New Year!


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