Monday, April 29, 2013

Madison's Smiles! We Did it! Our 2nd JDRF Walk

This past saturday morning, I hopped out of bed and put a smile on my face for my daughter, Madison. And I'm so glad that I did! My smile gave Madison strength to be strong for a disease that we still haven't a clue how she got.

When we arrived at the walk, the first person Madison saw was her second grade teacher, Mrs. Anderson (on the left with pink bag. Madison's next to her). Her face lit up as if she had just seen Mickey Mouse for the first time. They hugged and my smile grew bigger, and it kept growing bigger and brighter every time I witnessed Madison hugging another friend who showed up to walk in support of her disease.

I can't thank everyone enough for walking with us on that day and for all our other friends and family for being there for Madison. The past 18 month hasn't been easy. And I thank God every day that I have a daughter who has handled this disease with grace. I'm not sure I would have been able to.

Madison's smiles and giggles makes our days lighter. And the day we walked, she was an angel, shining her light on all of us and bringing the biggest, most loving smile to my face.

Madison is in the orange. Her school friend, Addie, who has type 1 diabetes too is right next to her.
Madison's siblings and friends who came out to support her!


Ida said...

You had an awesome mom moment in doing this for her and all the children that suffer from this disease!! Great job!!!

Melissa Perry Moraja said...

Thank you Ida! These kids are amazing. Every child I saw had a big smile on their face. They truly love life!

Amanda Nipper said...

Nice seeing you again!! :) Visiting from Smile with Us Mondays! :) Would you be willing to join in on this project with us? Check it out...

<3 Amanda*

Melissa Perry Moraja said...

Hi Amanda, Thanks for sharing and yes, I'd love to join in. xo Melissa

Inspired Passions said...

Hi Melissa, this is a beautiful post and will keep your daughter in my prayers I know as an adult it's horrible being sick but seeing children suffer from illness is so much more difficult. So I will pray for her. Keep strong. Anita

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