Thursday, May 02, 2013


I am so excited to announce that 3 yr old Alivia is the lucky winner of my first children's book giveaway-an autographed free copy of Madison and GA (My Guardian Angel) The Tale of the Slimy Spitball.

Alivia's mommy, Elena, is one of the sweetest, most loving mom's I have connected with thru my blog. I hope you will take a peek at her blog. She's a very talented photographer and more! Hope you'll congratulate them both!

Cropped Stories is the winner of an autographed copy of The Tale of the Slimy Spitball

The selection process:
My daughter Madison (the main character of Madison and GA) helped me pick the winner. I wrote down all the names on small ripped-up pieces of paper and then put them in a baseball cap for Madison to pick one out. As you can see from the photo below, Madison was so excited to be part of giving a copy of this funny-modern fantasy children's chapter book.

Madison loves angels! And her guardian angel isn't perfect. GA (pronounced Gee-ay) spills milk all the time, borrows Madison's brother's toys, and leaves the front door open. But GA is Madison's best friend and guardian. She is in Madison's life to protect and guide her. Although many days, Madison finds that she has to also protect and guide her angel. Both are growing up together, learning from their lessons. And every time GA learns a lesson, she earns a feather for her wings so she can one day fly. Hope you'll fall in love with Madison's angel and read her stories on how GA is earning her feathers!

This is Madison holding up the lucky winner - Cropped Stories

The Tale of the Slimy Spitball is the first of the Madison and GA (My Guardian Angel) children's chapter book series. I have a second written. I just need to illustrate it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will be able to get a copy by Christmas 2013!

Please also come back monthly to enter my monthly book giveaways! May's children's book giveaway is The Secret of the Shark Tooth Crab Claw which is the second book in the Jake's Adventures children's chapter book series.


Cropped Stories said...

Thanks Madison! I'm confident my Alivia will love this :o)

Jennie Clark said...

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2justByou said...

I used to do giveaways with a similar selection process! My kids helped in choosing the winner. It was always so much fun.
Congrats to the lucky winner!

I'm a new follower via bloglovin and also added you to my G+ circles.
Thanks for linking up with us at Meet & Greet last weekend, and I hope you'll join us again this weekend!


Melissa Perry Moraja said...

I didn't realize how much fun it would be! Going to link up iwth the Meet and Greet again! I really am having fun meeting new people and learning about their families and entrepreneurial creative ideas! xo Melissa

I have a FB fan page too. Just created it! Hope you'll "Like"

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