Friday, October 11, 2013

ASTROLOGY NEWS: Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde Will Make You Bug-Eyed

The Lunar Eclipse on October 18th and Mercury Retrograde on October 21st is just the beginning of a very eventful astrological, fall season ahead! You can try to hide. But these two astrological twists and turns will find you and affect you. And they can create momentum and direction.

Now, until October 22nd, you (and the world, especially people who have Aries and Libra heavy in their astrological chart) will be pushed to live in the present moment. And Mercury going retrograde will only make the urge stronger.

Take this time to look for opportunities. But like I said, take your time. Evaluate. Breath. Assess. Review. And then move forward. Look for options and other ways of doing things and overcoming things. This lunar eclipse is inventful and innovative. Their are two sides to everything. And several ways of doing things. Be open, be flexible, and try to be patient.

In relationships, stay true to yourself and be yourself. This eclipse can end relationships and bring new beginnings in relationships. If you are in a relationship, remember that this eclipse can trigger great emotional reaction. Sometimes just walking away and rethinking can be a huge benefit in calming things down. Aries energy loves to start things, but sometimes it doesn't finish it.

It also can bring about an end to our governments shutdown! Finally! What a mess they've created. And with Mercury going in retrograde, they'll only be experiencing more cleanup and reworks.

As for Mercury in retrograde, get ready for delays in travel and communication. I have a virus on my computer and I'm already psychologically preparing myself (and backing up all my stuff) that my computer will crash, when Mercury goes retrograde. But who knows, it could be that I discover a way to eliminate the virus. That's what the Lunar eclipse could bring about.

Mercury retrograde can also trigger accidents, electrical outages, emails lost, and phone calls missed. Take your time! And follow-up when needed.

In summary, this is a time to really be present. Pay attention to any opportunities that come your way. Start putting those ideas you've had on the back burner in motion. And get ready for some Halloween fall fun because everything about these astrological events will make it an Addams Family experience!

Just a heads up! Jupiter turns retrograde in November and their is another eclipse and on top of it Neptune will go direct. Spiritual and psychic sensitivity will be heightened. Opportunities and dreams can manifest. But on the opposite end, an unexpected rainy storm, causing flooding may also be in our near future. That hurricane we've all been waiting for has the planets on its side to form.

I'll write more in the next week about the astrological events that will take place in November!

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