Thursday, November 14, 2013

Holiday Blues, Never Again Oath

Take The Holiday Blues Oath For Your Children | Working Mother

There you are trying to sneak into my house.
There you are as quiet as a mouse.
Holiday Blues I know you’re there.
But this holiday season I don’t care.
Holiday Blues I’ve got some news.
You aren’t going to give me any of those blues.
Not hear. Not now. Not ever again.
You aren’t going to win and become my best friend.
I will fight you and bite you.
And I will never like you.
Holiday blues go away.
You aren’t welcomed in my home any day!
By Melissa Perry Moraja



Silvie Armas said...

Your poem is just what I needed. Battling depression is hard, and this year Holiday Blues is definitely trying to sneak into my house. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to print your poem and put it up where i can see it constantly. I won't let it win and become my best friend either. :)

Melissa Perry Moraja said...

Hi Silvie, I don't mind at all if you post the poem. Sending you hugs!

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