Monday, April 24, 2017

7 Tips Before Scheduling a Psychic Medium Consultation

psychic readingsGetting an intuitive consultation (aka psychic reading) can be lots of fun, empowering and insightful. It can give you a little hope. It can make you think  and see things differently. And it can help you believe!

Below are seven must read tips as you embark on the journey of getting an intuitive consultation:

  1. First, each Intuitive Consultant has different skills such as clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing voices),  clairsentience (feeling) and psychic medium (talking to the dead).
  2. Each Intuitive Consultant uses different tools when giving a psychic reading. Some use tarot, while others use astrology. Some even use pendulums, psychometry, numerology and/or tea leaves. And then there are those psychic mediums who chose not to use any tools. The tools are there to help trigger thoughts and visions.
  3. An Intuitive Consultant is there to empower you, not to put fear or doubt in your mind. 
  4. An Intuitive Consultant should not make your choice or decision. Basically, they should share the information they receive and let you be the one who interprets it. 
  5. Don't believe (and please stay away from) Intuitive Consultants (psychic charlatans) who make unrealistic promises such as being able to remove all the negative energy from your aura or saying that they can predict everything and anything you ask, and/or telling you they are able to cure your illness and/or disease. These people are in it only for the money and you will end up leaving disappointed and possibly even depressed. 
  6. Do NOT pay $250.00 for an Intuitive Consultation. That is just absurd. There are many talented psychic mediums who charge $50 - $100 that are just as accurate, if not more. If you do choose to spend that much money, make sure you have it. If you can't afford to pay rent or even go to a movie, then you may want to rethink spending it on a psychic medium consultation.
  7. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a good Intuitive Consultant. If you're not able to find someone through word of mouth, then try your local new age store or search the internet for any psychic fairs

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