Thursday, May 26, 2011

Astrology News! Change is Inevitable - It's Time to Define Relationships, Set Boundaries, and Make Agreements

Great news! Saturn goes direct June 13, 2011!!
Theme: Finding balance in relationships and partnerships.

Saturn is the planet that teaches you to take responsibility. It slows life down to make you live life in the present, giving you the opportunity to gain inner strength and eliminate what is not working. In the end, you will discover that you can't just point the finger at someone else or turn your head to a situation (run-away). It's time to learn from your mistakes and face reality.

With Saturn in Libra, its energy will focus on finding balance, solutions, and resolutions to issues at hand, especially with partnership and relationships. It's a time of making commitments and defining boundaries.

In the United States, the focus will be on defining international relationships and handling unexpected Earth changes. Building alliances, making agreements, and defining international boundaries will be key in the next several months.

Saturn moving direct comes at a time of other big astrological changes. You aren't alone! Sometimes it seems easier to just runaway from our problems then facing them head on. The energy is to face the issues direct, find compromises, set boundaries, and in the end, growth and progress will be made.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom: How Connected Are You With Your Children, Or Signi...

Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom: How Connected Are You With Your Children, Or Signi...: "Yesterday brought the biggest smile to my face. It started in the morning as I was making breakfast for my three children, rushing to get th..."

How Connected Are You With Your Children, Or Significant Other?

Yesterday brought the biggest smile to my face!

It started in the morning as I was making breakfast for my three children, rushing to get them fed and out the door for school. Jake, my 8 year old son, asked me if I had an idea for his invention project. (A little history: each student in his class has to come up with an invention, develop a prototype, and present it on June 7th at school). I told him that it was his project and he needed to come up with the invention on his own. He lowered his head, knowing I was right. Ten minutes later, Michael (my husband) walked all three to the bus stop. I then began making myself a hearty filling breakfast, being 19 weeks pregnant. When Michael walked in, I turned and spontaneously said, "Jake should just call it a day and make glow in the dark goggles." Michael chuckled.

Now the part on how connected Jake and I are. After school, as I was cutting Jake a piece of homemade coffee cake, I asked him if he had come up with an invention. He perked up and with a radiant smile said, "Yes! I'm going to invent glow in the dark goggles." My eyes got huge and I broke out laughing. Then I replied, "Jake, are you serious?" and he confirmed by pulling out an invention form he filled out at school that he committed to inventing glow in the dark goggles. I shared with him what I said early in the morning to his dad. He loved that we had thought the same invention idea. And ironically he had come up with the idea on the school bus which was the same time I had thought the same thought.

I know I'm connected to my children, but I also work at it. I pay attention and listen closely to what they are saying or asking. I try to feel what they are feeling. I try to see what they seeing. And it's moments like these that confirm how connected each of us are if we just pay attention.

Being connected means you are part of that person's life. The following are simple questions to help you know how connected you are with your children, spouse, friends or family:

1. Can you end each other's sentences?
2. Do you intuitively know if something isn't right with the person?
3. Have you ever blurted out something that the other person was thinking? For instance, my husband was watching television and all I kept thinking about was ordering a pizza. Within seconds, he asked me if I wanted to order a pizza.
4. Have you ever done anything without the person asking, and come to find out later that the person was hoping you'd help out with it. Two nights ago I was at Jake's swim team practice. I also had Joshua, one of my twins. It was 5:30 pm and all I kept thinking about was getting home and cooking the chicken for dinner. I was so tired, but knew I needed to fix a healthy meal for my kids. When I reached home, Michael was outside playing baseball with Madison. As I smiled and walked passed him, he said he already grilled the chicken and started boiling the water for corn on the cob. I was in SHOCK! Michael has never prepared dinner, unless I asked him or he was with the kids alone. And I'll tell you, he earned a lot of brownie points for doing that one gesture. My gut tells me he picked up on my thought of needing to start dinner. Maybe it's the pregnancy that has amped our connection. It was what I needed!

I hope you'll share stories of how you and your children, spouse, family and friends are connected. And please email me if you are looking for any tips on how to become more connected.

Have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Astrology Update: Neptune and Eclipses Creating USA Upsets

Times are tough, and the Earthly torrential rain, floods and tornado's aren't helping us any. June 3rd Neptune goes retrograde. Not good! The planet that just entered Pisces will be reentering Aquarius again. This is the planet that rules water, creates illusions, but can also make dreams happen. Just in the winter of 2010/ 2011 and spring of 2011 the USA has been dumped with snow and rain causing over excessive flooding and an outbreak of tornados. The tornados can be attributed to the ingredients of Uranus (ruler of Aquarius-unexpected news with a little heat and electricity) and Neptune’s energy (water). Mr. Neptune may not quite be done creating unexpected hazardous weather conditions across the USA, especially in June. Let's pray the planet takes it's time or has learned its lesson. But with the two eclipses happening back to back and the planet going into retrograde be prepared for changes in your vacation schedules due to weather upsets.

That brings me to the eclipses which are already in play--the news about Arnold Schwarzenegger (the June 3rd eclipse aspecting his 12th house of hidden secrets) and IMF Leader Strauss-Kahn are all a result of the eclipses. The beginning of June is a crucial time for the USA to form relationships choosing which ones are healthy and which ones are truly risky. Pick and choose wisely because the energy is one where negotiation won't come easy, and hidden agenda's may reveal themselves later on. There are two sides to every story. That's what will be playing out. Americans look to your hearts for the truth because it may not be apparent in the news. Communication and freedom of expression are key!

As for personal impact with Neptune and eclipses. It's a time to express your thoughts, let go of the past, and enjoy a little fun. If Neptune is strong in your astrology chart, watch out for water or plumbing problems in your home. In addition, the eclipses can make your dreams happen. But make sure you have your plan intact and solid facts to back it up!

The Partial Eclipse taking place June 3rd is all about communication and seeing both sides of the story. IMF Strauss-Kahn's story will be enlightening all!

The Total Eclipse on June 15th can bring unexpected optimism, exploration, and a need for independence! This eclipse will be impacting the United States in its relationship area. Relationships with Libya and other Middle Eastern Countries will most likely be the focus.

Enjoy this time period! Freedom of expression is the theme. Just make sure what you say is said with tact and won't bite you in the butt later down the road. Oh, this also is a time period where dreams can happen! But, remember Neptune is also the illusionist. Look to your heart in the end for the answers.