Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yes, Newtown CT There is a Heaven!

Heaven is a place not too far from where we live. It's a place where life goes on and forgiveness permeates the air. It's a place that many of us visit when we close our eyes and rest our minds and bodies. It's a place that truly is only a breath away. This is the place where the sons, daughters, teachers, sisters, brothers and others of all of these tragic, horrific shootings are. And they are there because they had a bigger purpose. One in which they have and will continue to open the minds and hearts of hundreds of thousands of people to believe in something greater than what is just visible by the human eye.

As a mom of three elementary children, this tragedy breaks my heart. But I know first hand that life continues beyond the physical body and I know your little ones, your sisters, your brothers and your friends are still there comforting, guiding and loving you. They will be there on Christmas morning hugging you and giggling. They will be there every day of your lives, making their presence known. All you need to do is believe and pay attention! They are still with you just in a different way.

My prayers and love go to all the families and friends of Newtown, CT. This time is of great healing. But it also is a time of having faith and letting our minds and bodies connect to something more than what is just physical.

With love and prayers,

Author, Illustrator and Mom

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Monday, October 01, 2012

ASTROLOGY NEWS: It's Time To Get A Greater Perspective On Life- Jupiter Turns Retrograde October 4, 2012

Listen, learn and choose based on knowledge. It's time to reconnect with friends!

Jupiter turns retrograde on October 4, 2012 in the sign of Gemini.

With the election and economy on the forefront of every one's mind, Jupiter couldn't have gone retrograde at a more perfect time and in such a knowledge craving sign.  Use this time to truly learn about your Presidential candidates in order to make the best choice. Especially because Jupiter can magnify people making promises that never come to fruition. Something we all are familiar with. In addition, pay attention because one, if not both, candidates will show their true colors of being self-righteous.

On a personal level, go back to the month of June and reflect on what opportunities and projects you were working on for they are the ones that you can start to get off the ground. In addition, learning and gathering information is to your benefit. Take a class. Reconnect with old friends who may be able to help you during this time.

Jupiter is the planet of opportunity, good fortune, spirituality, travel and law. But it also is the planet for being too overly optimistic. With Jupiter, things can blow up like the time period of the internet bubble.  And with Jupiter in the sign of Gemini, you need to watch out for being impulsive and vocal.

Lastly, Jupiter is a spiritual planet. This is a great time period to take a spiritual class.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

ASTROLOGY NEWS: Stop Blaming Everyone Else- Pluto Turns Direct September 18, 2012

Pluto is the planet of transformation. But NOT overnight. It takes its time in transforming old beliefs and routines that are stirring in the back of your mind and preventing you from reaching your potential (not to mention, our country's potential). It will bring to light the shadows of your fears and personal control issues. And then, it will eventually force you to transform your ways.

With Pluto in the sign of Capricorn (the sign of structure, authority and practicality), expect transformational changes in relationships with parents and authority, corporate structure and economy.

On a personal level, as Pluto goes direct, you'll begin to feel unsatisfied with yourself, what you've created, and how you've handled authoritative relationships. Pluto is supposed to make you feel this way. Allow Pluto's energy to assist you with letting go of outdated relationships and old beliefs. Accept the fact that you can't control everyone and everything; and for that matter, fix other people's problems. And stop looking over your shoulder as if someone is out to get you. 

On a country level (like that of the United States of America), its time to rebuild, rebuild and rebuild! It's time to let go of sour relationships and focus on the things where you can make a difference. Let Ego be a thing of the past, and focus on rebuilding a once prosperous nation--The United States of America. Pluto eventually will make our country realize that we can't help others, if we can't even help ourselves. Change won't happen overnight. But hopefully it happens before the United States of America hits rock bottom and then is forced to rebuild from the bottom up.

Remember, Pluto in Capricorn says, "It's time to transform our country by rebuilding it from the bottom up, not the middle out."

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom: ASTROLOGY NEWS: Try Not To Overreact--Uranus and M...

Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom: ASTROLOGY NEWS: Try Not To Overreact--Uranus and M...: Temper, temper, temper people! On July 13th, be ready for change (which could even be explosive in nature) and if you aren't ready, you most...

ASTROLOGY NEWS: Try Not To Overreact--Uranus and Mercury Go Retrograde!

Temper, temper, temper people! On July 13th, be ready for change (which could even be explosive in nature) and if you aren't ready, you most likely will start feeling as if you are missing out on opportunities. Let go of feeling restricted, and instead focus on ways to start expanding and expressing yourself. Now is the time to improve your presentation!

During the next six months, while Uranus is in retrograde, start building your one and five year plan, so when Uranus moves direct in December, 2012, you can take off with a big bang!

This time period will be one of changing your attitude. And with the political race in the forefront of every one's minds, be ready for some new discoveries that will impact how you view each candidate.

Also, when you add Mercury into the equation (Mercury goes retrograde on July 14th a day after Uranus goes retrograde), electrical storms and technical outages come into the picture. It's no wonder we've had outages the past week and an passengers on an airplane flying from Aruba to Miami experienced terrifying turbulence. Communication, technology, idea's, and discoveries are all impacted when Uranus and Mercury go retrograde or direct. And both's affect will be amplified for the next three weeks!

On the positive, these two planets can help you rework that proposal so you can land that deal when Mercury goes direct, August 8th.

This weekend, I would be on the cautious side while driving and traveling. Expect delays at the airport. And take your time when it comes to your projects, especially any involving communication and technology. If your motherboard is going to blow, it will be within the next few days to week. If you haven't had that tune-up, you may want to do it now.

Pay attention to what you say and how you say it, because it could lead to major miscommunications.

Listen, take your time and take a deep breath before reacting--or overreacting! And don't forget to think, think, think before you do, do, do!


Friday, May 18, 2012

ASTROLOGY NEWS: This Solar Eclipse Will Transform How We Live And Who We Trust

This is a powerful time period! On May 20, 2012, a Solar Eclipse will happen at 0 degrees Gemini. (An Eclipse starts manifesting its energy weeks before it occurs and about five to six months afterwards).  A Solar Eclipse triggers change and transformation, and even death. With Gemini, probing, collecting and sharing information are the themes; as well as, finding out the truth.

The timing of this Solar Eclipse is significant. It will trigger fickleness in the U.S. Presidential election. Voters will continue to sway all the way to election day. A result of candidates not sticking to their gun.

Facebooks IPO is another, perfectly timed, to embrace this Eclipse. It will set the stage for a new era in Internet communication.

But with every Eclipse, one needs to be careful. And this one is no different. Gemini represents the youth, versatality, adaptation, quick-wit and curiosity. Questions that will eventually be answered are: Is Facebook truly worth the hype (and investment)? And are the Presidential Candidates speaking the truth?

I wouldn't completely rely on the media (news) to portray the facts accurately. Research the information on your own. And in any legal case, be careful of accusing someone before you have all the information at your disposal.

Communication and decision-making will be affected. Use this time period to research and develop your ideas!

Lastly, diseases and illnesses are also impacted, especially for our youth. Just in the past week, we've learned of two cases where young woman contracted flesh eating bacteria. Plagues can transpire with an Eclipse in Gemini.


Melissa Moraja

Monday, May 14, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom: ASTROLOGY UPDATE: Venus Retrograde Sends Relations...

Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom: ASTROLOGY UPDATE: Venus Retrograde Sends Relations...: Venus goes retrograde May 15, 2012 to June 27, 2012. Focus is on relationships and what you value the most! I'm sure many of us can use a ...

ASTROLOGY UPDATE: Venus Retrograde Sends Relationships to the Forefront

Venus goes retrograde May 15, 2012 to June 27, 2012. Focus is on relationships and what you value the most!

I'm sure many of us can use a hug right now. The problem is, Venus won't be supporting lots of love. With Venus going retrograde in Gemini, you will be looking back at past relationships (friendships and family included) and reevaluating present. It is a time to evaluate why certain people are in your life and what value they have in your life. But people are just a fraction of what Venus affects. It also brings to the forefront what is most important. Is it a football game with the guys, instead of attending your childs sporting event? Is it coffee with a friend, instead of working out? Is it picking up the phone and calling your sibling, or turning on the television and watching Greys Anatomy?

In a nut shell, with Venus going retrograde, it is advised not to start new relationships or even get married. Any cosmetic work (even those BOTOX treatments), should be postponed. And it's not a great time to make major financial decisions because you may regret it, later.

Hope that helps!!!

More to come when Neptune goes retrograde in June. Water is Neptunes speciality. And June is the start of hurricane season.


Friday, March 30, 2012

What is the Future of Our Educational System?

I know this isn't something that affects everyone, but it is a huge concern for me! Please if you would forward to bring awareness and COMMENT, I am hoping that I can forward everyone's concern to our legislators. It is heart wrenching that we may experience another $10 million educational budget shortfall in our county, decreasing the amount of teachers and increasing the amount of students per class.

Perhaps, Romney could hold off on his elevator and instead donate that money to Union County schools. Where is his priorities?

Dear Union County Commissioners and State Legislators:

When will the government finally take a step back and truly realize the long term ramifications of their choices?

As a mother of four children (three in a Union County elementary school and one of the three just recently diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes) and a tax payer, I am disturbed to find out that there is once again a budget shortfall which WILL have a tremendous affect on not only our children’s education, but also social environment and overall well-being. Decreasing the amount of teachers and increasing the amount of students per class will impact our children’s learning ability and set into motion a failing learning environment.

And, as a mother of a 7 year old juvenile diabetic girl who relies on her teacher and part-time nurse to check her blood sugar and make sure she doesn’t experience hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, I am unduly concerned what a budget shortfall could do to ensuring her health and safety is managed. Every day I am stressed and worried that there is not a full-time nurse available at my children’s school to make sure she is cared for appropriately. In fact, before we were able to get my daughter on an insulin pump, her teacher was the one who gave her shots when the nurse was not available. Increasing the amount of students in the classroom also increases the chances for mistakes and failure.

I’m also concerned with what this will do to parents lives. We as parents are already stretched, trying to pick up the slack of past budget cuts. We volunteer, so our teachers can get breaks or grade papers by scheduling parents to come in to read to our children, proctor exams, photocopy and more! Our PTO works hard raising additional money for technology and playground equipment in order to provide our children with the best educational and fitness resources. And we pay taxes!

There has to be some frivolous governmental spending that could be cut instead. Truly do you need to call my house two times a day reminding me that the NC Primary is in May? And on top of it, do the candidates really need to spend all that money on negative campaign ads which truly are annoying and distracting? And what about our government legislators taking a salary decrease, instead of our teachers, in order to ensure our children’s future is solid? Perhaps eliminate some meal, traveling or other unnecessary expenses and use that money for Union County schools!

Where are our priorities? The future of our country depends on our next generation! And presently, we’re setting them up for failure, if parents don’t intervene!


Thursday, February 09, 2012

ASTROLOGY NEWS: Saturn Retrograde February 8, 2012

Saturn turned retrograde in the sign of Libra on February 8, 2012. It's a time to work with other's to achieve your goals!

Saturn is the planet that symbolizes goals, ambitions and status. It's the father who is career focused. Libra is the sign of balance and justice.

Now and until Saturn goes direct on June 25, 2012, focus your time on finishing old projects. It also is a time to reevaluate the the people who are helping you complete past due projects. You may find yourself in a hiring or firing mode.

If you work with Saturn's energy over the next five months, you will be ready to begin something bigger and better come the end of June!


Melissa Moraja

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom: A Mother's Nightmare - Learning Her 7 Year Old Has...

Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom: A Mother's Nightmare - Learning Her 7 Year Old Has...: We all know that life can change in a split second. I experienced three such changes in less than one year, two which brought the greatest j...

Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom: My Newly Diagnosed Diabetic 7 Year Old Child - Typ...

Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom: My Newly Diagnosed Diabetic 7 Year Old Child - Typ...: We all know that life can change in a split second. I experienced three such changes in less than one year, two which brought the greatest j...

A Mother's Nightmare - Learning Her Seven Year Old Has Type 1 Diabetes

We all know that life can change in a split second. I experienced three such changes in less than one year, two which brought the greatest joy to my life—the pregnancy and birth of my fourth child! And a third that brought great sadness. The night of November 4, 2011 shockingly was a tragic time for me and my family. It's the night that my 7 year old daughter was rushed in an ambulance to downtown Charlotte Hemby Children’s Hospital, because the doctors at an Urgent Care Clinic found sugar in her urine. Within hours, she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes-a disease I was ignorant of, a disease my prophetic logical mind could not predict.

Ironically, the signs were there a month prior. But I didn’t recognize the signs and messages; or should I say, I was too exhausted from being a new mom to pay attention to them or think they were anything serious.

Going back in time, one month earlier, my daughter, Madison, (after participating in a diabetes lecture at school) asked me if she could catch diabetes. I chuckled and paused for a split moment, wondering why she would ask me such a bizarre question. Her eyes filled with water, knowing there was something going on within her body that I wasn’t ready to face. I gazed into her big, glossy hazel eyes and said, “No, you can’t catch diabetes.” I then went on to share that my grandfather had Type 2 Diabetes when he was older, but it was because he didn’t take care of himself. She looked at me and said, “I think I have diabetes." Madison’s comment left me dumb-founded, unsure what was going to happen and to whom. I actually thought perhaps one of my parents may come down with diabetes. Never did I expect my daughter to be diagnosed not even a month later.

But that was only the beginning of the signs and messages. Madison had also started to wet her bed, urinate constantly, and drink more than usual. My husband even asked me once if I thought Madison had diabetes. My mind just couldn’t wrap itself around her all of a sudden getting diabetes. She was thin. She ate well. How in the world could she get it? So instead, I attributed all the changes to her adjusting to me having a baby and then taking care of the baby. I was pregnant and delivered October 7, 2011—the day I thanked God for being blessed with four healthy children, not knowing that one of my children wasn’t healthy.

Weeks went on, and Madison continued wetting her bed, and drinking and urinating more than usual. I was consumed with being a new mom, trying to catch up on sleep and doing the necessities when my kids got home from school that I chalked up her behavior to simply adjusting to having a newborn sister. But on November 4th, I couldn’t ignore the signs and messages any longer. She was thin. She was weak. She was stupor.

That afternoon, Madison stepped off the school bus, floating in her clothes. I thought perhaps I had purchased her the wrong size, because she looked anorexic. I checked the inner tag of her pants which said size 8, the size she had been wearing for several months. I followed her into the house, confused with what I was witnessing. She sat on the couch, leaned back and just stared out into the room in this dazed look. Thinking she may be anorexic, I asked her a simple question, “Did you eat your lunch today?” She just continued to stare in this stupor state, never responding. She looked like she was on drugs. Then I thought perhaps she had mono because my neighbor’s two girls just had mono a couple weeks back. I had my husband take Madison to Urgent Care, thinking they would be back home within an hour and a half. But instead, I received a text from my emotionally shocked husband around 6:10 pm stating Madison was being rushed to the hospital because they found sugar in her urine. My body and mind became numb from the words I read. How on Earth could I have missed all the signs? Within seconds tears flooded down my face and didn’t stop for weeks.

For four days, with my newborn baby in tow, I spent twelve hours by Madison's side in the hospital, learning everything I could to be able to take care of her. I tried so hard to be emotionally strong, but my hormones were everywhere, having just given birth four weeks earlier. Every time I cried, she would cry which broke my heart even more. But I was able to bring a smile to her face when I would say, “Princess, the reason I’m crying is because I'm so happy you are healthy again and you will be able to run around and play like you always have.” But down deep inside, I was mourning. I was angry. I was sad. I was in shock, especially when the endocrinologist said her Type 1 Diabetes was triggered by a virus and it was just pure bad luck. Words I really had a hard time wrapping my mind around.

After two days in ICU and a total of five nights in the hospital (where the first three days my husband, nurses, doctor and I spent begging Madison to allow us to give her shots, always resulting in us holding her arms and legs while she screamed and cried so we could give her the insulin that was keeping her alive), we were able to take her home. But with it came an enormous responsibility and change in lifestyle. We were now responsible for checking her blood sugar by pricking her finger every couple of hours, even throughout the night. We also were responsible for administering her insulin by giving her four to six shots a day. And we were responsible for keeping track and calculating every carbohydrate she ate at every meal. We now were responsible for making sure she didn’t go into a stupor state again, and for that matter, coma.

Things aren’t simple in our lives, but whose life is really simple. The good thing is our life is becoming more manageable. As of Christmas (2011), we were able to transition Madison to a pump, giving her and me a little more freedom and control. It’s not picture perfect, but its allowed her to have less shots and to eat snacks.

I’ve learned and grown a great deal over the past nine weeks. What I've come to realize is that when tragedy happens, there are people ready and willing to help you, if you open up your heart and life to them. Those people were my family, friends and neighbors. I wouldn’t have been able to get through this rough period without them, especially Tracy (a mother of a type 1 diabetic daughter who has become a great friend and mentor)! Madison’s diagnosis has truly made me stop and appreciate my family, friends and neighbors.

Yes, I still have moments of crying, experiencing disbelief, and getting angry. But in the same breath, I'm very grateful that her disease is manageable and she can still run around, play and be her silly sassy self.