Friday, December 31, 2010

How To Keep Positive Energy Around You In 2011

Visualization is the ability to use your imagination to picture images of what you would like to manifest. This is a powerful tool when you add to it feelings, intention, and action. Visualization can bring changes into your life sometimes immediately!

The following exercise not only can provide you with a sense of protection, but also can empower you to not allow others negative thoughts or words affect you.

Personal Energy Protection Exercise:
Visualize a white light coming down from the universe surrounding your body as if you are in a white energy cocoon. As you see, feel, or sense the white energy surrounding your body, begin visualizing, feeling, or sensing how solid it is. Notice that there aren’t any holes, rips, or tears in it. See and feel its power and strength. Visualize anything unhealthy such as negative thoughts reflecting off the white cocoon and bouncing back to where it came from. As you go throughout your day, continue visualizing yourself in this white warm secure cocoon protecting you from any negativity that you may encounter on your path.
Make 2011 a powerful and positive year!
Happy New Year,

Thursday, December 30, 2010

When Will a Working Mom Finally Get a Good Nights Sleep?

My husband now snores! I prided myself (I may even have bragged a bit) on falling in love with a skeptic husband who didn't snore. What a gift! What a blessing! That was one criteria I had in a mate. And God blessed me with it. That's what I thought. For the past 6 months, I lie in bed every night, taking deep breathes, counting the seconds before I give Michael a big hard push (or whack!). Now I not only whack him, but I make sure he wakes up to realize he's snoring again. His responses have been interesting. "Sorry, I only snore on my back." First, how would he even know he only snores on his back. He's sound asleep. Second, its totally a Michael Moraja folklore because I've caught him snoring on his side.
We're at 9 1/2 years of marriage. Have we hit a milestone? The one where the husband (it definitely will not be me) sleeps on the couch every night, so the wife (me) gets a good nights sleep.
I mean, when will a working mom (me) finally get a good nights sleep? It's been over 8 years. It started with my first pregnancy. My pregnant hormonal state pumped my veins with a love for life where I'd wake up two to three times a night, hours at a time. Then my baby was born. I think that answers itself. Then I got pregnant with twins and the same pregnant love for life energy filled my veins again. Then they were born. Again, every parent knows what my life was like for the next five years. But its still happening. If it's not my husband snoring, then its my kids waking me up cause they have to go to the bathroom, or had a bad nightmare, or are thirsty, or have a stuffy nose, or just want to be with me. If it's not them, then its my 11 year old cat on her hind legs, banging her front paws on our bureau, or television console, or door because she likes the loud echoing sound.
Has my relationship evolved to the state of sleeping in separate rooms? Either that or my husband so is getting nose plugs!
Light, Love and Blissful Sleepful Nights in 2011

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Have You Ever Guessed Your Gift Before You Opened It?

Words can't even describe the joy on my children's faces and the love I could feel in my house Christmas Eve and morning. And my kids intuition was on high alert. It started when I handed my son, Josh (6 years old), a present. It was an average sized box that could have been a game, clothes, snapcircuits... He held the wrapped gift in his tiny boyish hands, and with a big two-front teeth missing smile, he said, "I know what it is!" My heart stopped beating, my mind turned back to memories of times when I started saying those words, "I know what it is!" Since I was a child, every Christmas and every birthday, I would try to predict what someone had gotten me for a present. In fact, it even became a game between my mom and I. She would wrap my gifts in these odd sized boxes hoping that I wouldn't be able to predict it. There was even once when I was living in Atlanta, Georgia where she mailed me a television sized box, trying to throw me off her scent. "Did you get it?" she asked on the phone.

"Yes," I said excited.
"You'll never guess what it is," she replied.
"A fuzz buster (radar detector)," I said out of the blue.
"Mom... Mom are you there?" I had again predicted her gift.
Going back to Josh, I asked him what he thought the gift was wondering if he really was going to be able to guess it correctly. "It's a lego game!" he shouted, smiling from ear to ear. "Really, open it," I said, curiously. Josh quickly ripped the wrapping paper off the present and lo and behold it was the Minotaurus Lego game. His accuracy in guessing didn't stop there. He picked up a medium sized box and said, "This is Club Penguin!" and he was right. Then, we had all three sit with a gift in hand. I asked if anyone knew what it was. All three said, "No." Then, Josh said, "Okay, is it Mario Wii?" Unbelievable. It was a Mario Wii!

So much fun helping your child trust their intuition!

Happy Holidays,


Twas 3:37 am and the Moraja's were up

Twas the morning of Christmas and all through the house, the words "He came! He came!" echoed, but not from a little mouse. It was Jake and Josh, my two eager sons, huffing and puffing by my bedside, ready for some holiday fun! I quickly snuck a glimpse of my twenty year old clock, it was 3:37 am, way to early for me man.
But that wasn't the last visit, from my two determined boys... their visits continued at 4:19 am... 4:45 am... 5:06 am... 5:30 am... 6:30 am... We had envisioned them sleeping all through the night, snuggled in their beds waking up at dawn light. But the excitement, the joy, the passion for the holiday, permeated through their veins, early morning Christmas day. Jake was sure he saw dust sprinkling out of the chimney. Josh said he did too. Both jumped shouting, "Yippee, Yippee!"

As for Madison, she snuggled in our bed with a 101 fever, hoping to rest so she'd feel a little more eager. Finally at 7:00 am I rolled out of bed. Finding Jake, Josh and Madison seconds ahead. The Spirit, the love for giving and sharing, was what filled our home leaving each one of us caring. We opened our presents, as patient as a kid can, sharing in the memories of our small loving clan.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season,


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Threw My Kids A Christmas Jingle Bell Rock Party!

I promised my kids in October, 2010 that I'd throw them their own little Christmas party where they could invite three friends each. The rules were simple... they would help set-up and clean-up, and they would be the hosts. We were off to a good start-listing all their friends they were going to invite. But I soon realized they had a lot more friends than they did when they were in preschool. So the three friend agreement turned into two friends for one, four friends for the other, and six friends for my oldest child. Not all the kids could make it, so the total still ended up 12, thank heavens!
Second, I know that 7 year olds and 6 year olds priorities are very different than an adults. But for some unknown reason, I really believed they would be excited and motivated to help me set-up and clean-up--I mean, it is their friends party. A few hours before the party, they were helping me set-up the arts and crafts table, until one of Madisons friends arrived early. Then, all three of them left me in the dust with the paper plates, cookies, and decorations in hand.
And lastly, I thought they would absorb themselves in their new role as hosts. All three love being the center of attention. What better opportunity than to be the host! But I soon found out all they wanted to do was dance, sing, tumble, eat, and run. Hosting the party wasn't even in their thought process for the three hours all their friends were jingling and jangling.
In the end, if you throw a party for your elementary age children, make sure you have a friend to help you out because the hosting, cleaning-up, setting-up, and entertaining is and will always end up a mom and dad's responsibility. I did have a mom who stayed to help me. And it was the biggest blessing in disguise.
Kids need responsibility, but they also need to play and burn off some of that kid energy. So at my kids first friend Christmas party, I let my kids be a kid. And I also became a kid, dancing, singing, and enjoying the special memories we were making!
Mom's and dad's have fun this holiday season!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

How Do You Know If Your Child Is Gifted and Talented?

All children are gifted, as are all adults. When I speak of the word gifted, I'm referring to having at least one sense (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, and just knowing) that is more developed than the others. My role as a mom is to first identify each of my children's heightened sense(s) and to help them not only learn how to use it (as well as their other senses), but also continue developing it. In doing so, my children will be more self-aware and confident in who they are as they mature.
For instance, my oldest son, Jake, just knows things. He even uses the word 'know' when he tells me things. He knows what I'm thinking. He knows how to build things without instructions. Many would use the words problem-solver and innovative to describe him, as well as a very good guesser. In fact, when he and I watch Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader, he gets many of the answers to the questions correct without ever truly knowing what the answer is. My goal is to nurture that knowing side of him, while also making sure he understands the question and answer.
Jake also has a highly developed sense of smell. This actually has been somewhat frustrating for me, especially during meal time. If there is a food smell he doesn't like, he has to leave the room or asks to eat later.
Games we play to further develop his knowing gift include having him try to predict who is calling and what I am thinking. I also encourage him to create things from scratch using random throw away objects such as boxes, paper towel roll, cotton balls, sticks, and more. Developing his sense of smell is a totally knew area for me. I've covered his eyes and had him try to guess various smells.

My son Josh's strongest sense is vision, while his twin sisters is feeling. I'll write more about their gifts and how I'm helping them further develop them and use them in later blogs.

What gifts do you or your children have, and how are you further developing yours or their gifts?

Happy Holidays,


Monday, December 06, 2010

Holiday "Ho YUM YUM" Crafty Dessert Triggers Creative Juices

Creativity and imagination are the greatest strengths of a psychic. Below is a fun kid crafty dessert that can keep those creative juices flowing in your child.

First, you'll need about 5 to 10 soup sized bowls to put the ingredients in. Paper bowls works great!

Second, you'll need the ingredients to make the craft. Pre-made brownies (you are always free to make home made too!), preztel sticks, gummy bears, mini chocolates, candy canes, sprinkles, marshmellows, and a can of frosting. You can also get additional ingredients such as chocolate chip cookies, cup cakes, etc.

Next, put each ingredient in a separate bowl. Then put the bowls on the table where the kids will make their dessert craft.

Fourth, on each child's paper plate, put a scoop of frosting and one brownie. If your child doesn't like brownies, you can use a cookie, large marshmellow, or Rice Krispie treat instead.

Fifth, give each child a paper plate with the frosting and brownie on it, along with a plastic spoon.

Finally, let your children create any animal, creature, or anything they want using the delicious food ingredients. They can make a reindeer, a snowman, a spider and more! Then when the are finished, it's time to eat their yummy dessert.

Happy Holidays,


Friday, December 03, 2010

My Child had an Out of Body Experience

The sounds of little girls sobbing could be heard by the edge of my bed. My eyes quickly opened. "Madison, are you okay?" I whispered concerned.

"Mommy, I wasn't in the real world," Madison shared still whimpering.

"Honey, what do you mean you weren't in the real world?" I asked quietly, hoping not to wake Jake or Michael who were laying in the bed next to me.

"I was in a different world. A world that wasn't real," she said crying even harder. "Mommy, I was so scared."

I glanced at the clock. It was 4:00 am. I reached my arms around Madison's shivering body and guided it onto the bed, nestling her close to mine. As we laid there, I asked her if I was with her in the other world. She told me yes, but I was different. She couldn't find the words to describe how I was different and what the other world was like. I knew from my own personal experience how scary that feeling can be, leaving your physical body, the only thing your soul has ever truly been 100% part of in this life.

Madison had an out of body experience. Her sweet loving soul journeyed to a world most of us only imagine exists. She knew she left her body. She knew she wasn't in what she called 'the real world' any longer. Many people believe that you have to die to be able to release your soul from your physical body and then journey to another world. I believe its possible to do it when your brain and body reach a certain state during sleeping hours. It's a state that happens naturally, and at this point, isn't teachable. But when you reach that state, you'll find that the first few journeys out of your body are scary. But once you get the hang of it, it becomes an awakening personal souls adventure.

Have you or do you know anyone who has experienced an out of body experience? What was it like?

With love and happiness on your journey to spiritual awareness,

:) Melissa