Friday, May 26, 2017

What's Your Home's Vibe and How to Fix It - Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom

Decorating Home
After writing the blog post on How to Use Color in Marketing, I had several people ask me if I knew anything about selecting the right colors for the interior of their home. Yes, I do! And Yes, you can improve the vibe of your home by just understanding the symbolism of each room and the psychological affect of color.  

The lowdown....The colors you choose to paint each room in your home shapes the personality—the energy—of the room. Those colors reinforce a message about you to whoever visits that room. 

Below are descriptions of what each room symbolizes in your house along with the colors that work better in the room. In reading the descriptions below, think about the personality you have given each room in your own house. Are the colors you’ve chosen supporting the true purpose of the room, and for that matter, creating the energy flow that is in alignment with your personal goals?
  • A bathroom symbolizes the need for cleansing, purging, or eliminating something in your life that isn't quite working. Time to release and let go. You want to be able to release in the bathroom. Cooler or more earthy colors support that.
  • A kitchen represents that you are preparing yourself for something. It may also symbolize something you have brewing or cooking up such as an idea or concept. The kitchen is a social place. Many people are drawn to decorating their kitchens in yellow, orange and red tones which reinforces a social environment. However, those colors have also been found to increase hunger making people snack more often. Use those colors sparingly in your kitchen, and make sure you bring in some cooler tones to balance the room out.
  • A dining room means its time to nourish and take care of you. This is where you actually do sit down and eat in your life. It’s where you fill your physical body with nourishment. It’s also a place for conversation and formal gatherings. Most dining rooms in a home sit empty the majority of the year. As a result, a dining room can be dressed up in colors that reflect a style that make your comfortable. My recommendation is to use earth tones or colors that are richer in nature. This can set the tone for a more royal festive occasion.
  • The living room symbolizes being comfortable, relaxing, and taking a break. Greens, beige, tans and browns are colors that promote relaxation and make others comfortable when visiting.
  • The bedroom is a place you go to rest and contemplate the day. It may even symbolize sexuality issues. This is the place where you can revive your energy and Spirit. Blue is the best color to paint a bedroom. It allows one to relax comfortably and confidently. Earth colors also provide a calming environment for one to be able to relax and obtain a good night’s sleep.
  • A basement or cellar symbolizes your subconscious mind which deals with routines, habits, and patterns. It also involves eliminating outdated beliefs. Many people store their Christmas decorations, childhood memories, and junk in basements keeping the energy of old habits and secrets buried deep within your home. If you have a finished basement, bring some warm toned colors into it to liven and brighten it up.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Word Psychic Freaks Me Out! - Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom

Psychic! Psychic! Psychic! It's amazing how many people still get freaked out by this simple word. Kids don't. Nor do Millenials. When they hear the word 'psychic', they think it's pretty cool; but when conservative adults hear it, the word takes on a totally different feeling-like its taboo or a form of witchcraft. 

Who knows when or where the human 'psychic' fear and anxiety started. I personally think it has to do with humans scared of truly reaching their full potential. Hierarchy is more controllable then the unknown psychic senses.
Psychic intuition
Today's Psychic Marketing 

Throughout history there have been prophets and seers and healers. We study it in the Bible. We televise shows about it like Nostradamus's predictions. We welcome it in differing religions such as Buddhism. Yet, in every day life, people who say they have 'psychic' ability are thought to be fake and a joke. 

Whatever or whoever started this tall-tale folklore, was the jokester. It's time to move on. We as humans all have some form of psychic ability. Psychic is a word that means relating to the soul and mind. We all have a soul and we all have a mind. Now use them. Trust them. Believe in them.

The following four tips will assist you in beginning to trust your natural intuitive ability. Have fun getting to know another part of you!
  • Pay attention to what you feel, see, hear, taste, and smell during any event that happens in your life. For instance, prior to getting sad news, some people start feeling nauseous. Your body can send you messages minutes to days before an event is actually going to happen. Get to know you! Get to know your energy! Get to know your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self!
  • Every night before you go to bed, write three predictions down that you think will happen the next day. One that I always do is the weather. You can't do any worse than a meteorologist who 30% of the time wrong. So, it doesn't matter if your predictions don't happen the way you thought or that they are completely out of the ball park. The key is practicing, trusting and believing.
  • Start jotting your dreams, if you can remember them. Dreams contain a lot of messages that can help guide you in life. Here's a site that can help you interpret your dreams - dream interpretation.
  • Visualize the phone ringing. Then sit down to see how long it takes before it actually does ring. When your phone rings, try to predict who is calling before you pick it up.