Friday, September 11, 2020

Astrology September 2020 - Jupiter, Mars and Saturn - Here We Go Again

Get ready for a "Here we go again" fall! 

We start off the season with a lot of activity in the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter (the planet of luck that's expansive, big-thinking, but can also make people overly optimisticand Saturn (the have you learned your lessons planet which ignites discipline, restrictions, and limitations) are turning direct and making their way back to crossing paths with Pluto again (the transformation planet which slowly destroys to rebuild). This love-hate relationship started in December 2019.

Did you know that "Astrologers Predicted 2020 Would Be Dramatically Life-Changing...?"

With a lot of planetary activity happening in Capricorn, we (the people) aren't finished our new revolution (or with COVID-19). We're going to be making it known (especially to our governments including school systems) that our needs aren't being met and we aren't getting what we want. This is a time where we will be pushing for answers! In the end, many of us will be asking, "How are they going to help us make our dreams come true. But do we even know what our dreams are, today? 

This is a time where structures will crumble and be rebuilt. Not all have to be negative and tragic. There is positive change that isn't too far off in the future. Innovation and forward-thinking start manifesting as several planets move into Aquarius at the end of this year going into early 2021. This energy can lead to 'BIG' global changes and possibly even a cure for a disease noone expected to heal. And I'm not talking coronavirus here.

Here's a snapshot of what to expect this fall.

Sept 9th to Nov 13th Mars goes retrograde in Aries 

It will have the strongest effect on people who have planets in a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) with aspects at 28 to 15 degrees.

Now is a time to think things through. Be patient. Take deep breaths versus getting angry. It's time to be focused. Watch running over people to achieve your goals. Really take some time to think about what is worth and not worth fighting for.

Sept 12 - June 21 Transit Jupiter in Capricorn goes direct   

When Jupiter goes direct, things that have been in the planning stage since May 2020 are ready to be executed! It's a great time to implement new strategies. Opportunities you thought were lost come back. Jupiter is the planet of luck. But it also creates so much optimism that people may go to an extreme. Just because gyms and bars are open, doesn't mean coronavirus is gone. Coronavirus is with us for another year. We need to wear those masks and social distance. I get it. It sucks. But it will save lives (even yours) as the coronavirus hasn't reached the Tipping Point yet. 

With Mars retrograde and Jupiter reconnecting with Pluto, we are also faced with the "Here we go again!".  This is the time for 'out with the old' and 'in with the new'. But to accomplish this things can get a little heated as beliefs and old patterns will be triggered. 

September 29th Saturn in Capricorn goes direct

This is the last time Saturn will be in Capricorn for another 28 - 29 years (YAY!!!) Even though Saturn is at its home in Capricorn, it constantly teaches and forces people to have to work harder than they have in the past. When Saturn finally moves to Aquarius in December 2020, progress will be made and things will start to be built. We just need to watch for global friction. We can become a leader again. But we need a leader first. Remember, Saturn is the planet of 'did you learn your lesson'. Let's hope we do!

Saturn going direct will shift the energy to start making and committing to decisions. The energy says 'commit to what you take on' and 'take responsibility for the choices you make'. It's time to produce and achieve! But at what cost?

Mars and Saturn are going to create a bit of a tug-a-war right around September 29th.  Watch out for the 'we need to do it now' vs 'no, we need to wait' push and pull right around this time. 

The Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction on December 21, 2020

We started off 2020 with a bang and looks as if the planets aren't going to give us a break. 2020 ends with what astrologers are calling the Great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Worried, yet? Decisions and actions made on a global and personal level will affect the next 20 years of our lives. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we're smart!

Coronavirus update:  Nov 2021 coronavirus is finally manageable. We still have quite a journey to get there.