Friday, March 30, 2012

What is the Future of Our Educational System?

I know this isn't something that affects everyone, but it is a huge concern for me! Please if you would forward to bring awareness and COMMENT, I am hoping that I can forward everyone's concern to our legislators. It is heart wrenching that we may experience another $10 million educational budget shortfall in our county, decreasing the amount of teachers and increasing the amount of students per class.

Perhaps, Romney could hold off on his elevator and instead donate that money to Union County schools. Where is his priorities?

Dear Union County Commissioners and State Legislators:

When will the government finally take a step back and truly realize the long term ramifications of their choices?

As a mother of four children (three in a Union County elementary school and one of the three just recently diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes) and a tax payer, I am disturbed to find out that there is once again a budget shortfall which WILL have a tremendous affect on not only our children’s education, but also social environment and overall well-being. Decreasing the amount of teachers and increasing the amount of students per class will impact our children’s learning ability and set into motion a failing learning environment.

And, as a mother of a 7 year old juvenile diabetic girl who relies on her teacher and part-time nurse to check her blood sugar and make sure she doesn’t experience hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, I am unduly concerned what a budget shortfall could do to ensuring her health and safety is managed. Every day I am stressed and worried that there is not a full-time nurse available at my children’s school to make sure she is cared for appropriately. In fact, before we were able to get my daughter on an insulin pump, her teacher was the one who gave her shots when the nurse was not available. Increasing the amount of students in the classroom also increases the chances for mistakes and failure.

I’m also concerned with what this will do to parents lives. We as parents are already stretched, trying to pick up the slack of past budget cuts. We volunteer, so our teachers can get breaks or grade papers by scheduling parents to come in to read to our children, proctor exams, photocopy and more! Our PTO works hard raising additional money for technology and playground equipment in order to provide our children with the best educational and fitness resources. And we pay taxes!

There has to be some frivolous governmental spending that could be cut instead. Truly do you need to call my house two times a day reminding me that the NC Primary is in May? And on top of it, do the candidates really need to spend all that money on negative campaign ads which truly are annoying and distracting? And what about our government legislators taking a salary decrease, instead of our teachers, in order to ensure our children’s future is solid? Perhaps eliminate some meal, traveling or other unnecessary expenses and use that money for Union County schools!

Where are our priorities? The future of our country depends on our next generation! And presently, we’re setting them up for failure, if parents don’t intervene!