Monday, September 17, 2012

ASTROLOGY NEWS: Stop Blaming Everyone Else- Pluto Turns Direct September 18, 2012

Pluto is the planet of transformation. But NOT overnight. It takes its time in transforming old beliefs and routines that are stirring in the back of your mind and preventing you from reaching your potential (not to mention, our country's potential). It will bring to light the shadows of your fears and personal control issues. And then, it will eventually force you to transform your ways.

With Pluto in the sign of Capricorn (the sign of structure, authority and practicality), expect transformational changes in relationships with parents and authority, corporate structure and economy.

On a personal level, as Pluto goes direct, you'll begin to feel unsatisfied with yourself, what you've created, and how you've handled authoritative relationships. Pluto is supposed to make you feel this way. Allow Pluto's energy to assist you with letting go of outdated relationships and old beliefs. Accept the fact that you can't control everyone and everything; and for that matter, fix other people's problems. And stop looking over your shoulder as if someone is out to get you. 

On a country level (like that of the United States of America), its time to rebuild, rebuild and rebuild! It's time to let go of sour relationships and focus on the things where you can make a difference. Let Ego be a thing of the past, and focus on rebuilding a once prosperous nation--The United States of America. Pluto eventually will make our country realize that we can't help others, if we can't even help ourselves. Change won't happen overnight. But hopefully it happens before the United States of America hits rock bottom and then is forced to rebuild from the bottom up.

Remember, Pluto in Capricorn says, "It's time to transform our country by rebuilding it from the bottom up, not the middle out."