Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yes, Newtown CT There is a Heaven!

Heaven is a place not too far from where we live. It's a place where life goes on and forgiveness permeates the air. It's a place that many of us visit when we close our eyes and rest our minds and bodies. It's a place that truly is only a breath away. This is the place where the sons, daughters, teachers, sisters, brothers and others of all of these tragic, horrific shootings are. And they are there because they had a bigger purpose. One in which they have and will continue to open the minds and hearts of hundreds of thousands of people to believe in something greater than what is just visible by the human eye.

As a mom of three elementary children, this tragedy breaks my heart. But I know first hand that life continues beyond the physical body and I know your little ones, your sisters, your brothers and your friends are still there comforting, guiding and loving you. They will be there on Christmas morning hugging you and giggling. They will be there every day of your lives, making their presence known. All you need to do is believe and pay attention! They are still with you just in a different way.

My prayers and love go to all the families and friends of Newtown, CT. This time is of great healing. But it also is a time of having faith and letting our minds and bodies connect to something more than what is just physical.

With love and prayers,

Author, Illustrator and Mom

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