Monday, March 05, 2018

How to Get Your Writing Mojo Back - Writer's Block

It's been three years since I've written and illustrated and published a children's book. Nothing... not a zilch of desire or energy to do it. Parents, teachers and kids have asked me when I will publish my next humorous children's chapter book. I could never give them a solid answer to when I would publish one again or even a reason why I stopped writing.

I call this the starving artist, braindead writing syndrome. I've had it before; and I know others have had it too. Something inside me just hasn't had that mojo to write or illustrate or publish any book. The spark disappeared, leaving me back in the traditional corporate America whirlwind mentality, where I've only thought about working 9 - 5 pm. But this morning, when I woke up, something shifted!

I'm motivated!  feel like I have this creative intuitive energy.  It's been dead - literally - for almost three years. In looking back, I know what started the writer's block. It was the hunger, the pressure for financial security. Some think they are depressed. I personally think some outside pressure (like my hubby putting pressure on me to have a business we can retire off of) has taken over that causes that creative idea generation, invisible feed to get clogged, blocked. Stress and feeling pressure are definitely culprits of causing the starving artist, braindead writing syndrome.

But today, I feel energized. The focus to write and illustrate have been reignited. Deep inside, I feel like I have purpose again. My soul feels like it's on track.

With this spark, I know deep inside my writing has changed. It's like I went into hibernation to come out with a new style.

Here are three things I've learned in experiencing writer's block:
  • Take sometime to think about what has taken the place of writing. With me, it was the pressure of having to think about retirement. Writing hasn't been a bread winner as of yet.
  • Keep a journal to write down what you are feeling, thinking and experiencing.
  • Get some 'me' time. I was so caught up in everyone else's energy that mine - my passion and purpose - became blocked.
I'm excited! And I hope you will follow and comment on my blog as I begin this new writing journey! It should be a wild one!