Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let's Celebrate Tiny Prints Birthday!

It's Tiny Prints Birthday (this is an affiliate link)! And they are celebrating by giving their customer's 30% off of everything now through March 4th! Their birthday celebration is something that all companies should celebrate, including mine--Melissa Productions (this is my company's Web site, which I hope you will check out. I write and illustrate children's books)!

I usually don't celebrate other company's birthday's unless I work for them. But I love the quality of Tiny Prints cards and I know a lot of my friends use them, so I thought it would be great for me to share why.

Quality (and, I have to be honest, price) is so important to me being a small publisher. And when I get a greeting card or invitation in the mail, I always turn it over to see who printed it. Then I visit their Web site and check out their pricing to see if the quality is worth the price. So far my favorite card company's are Tiny Prints and Shutterfly for quality and pricing. And I know at Christmas time, many of my family and friends use both.

If you're not familiar with Tiny Prints top-notch, classy stationery, you should be. Whether you need birth announcements, graduation party or baby shower invitations, photo iPad cases or notebooks, and any of your personalized stationery needs, Tiny Prints has it all.

What I like most is that all of their products are customized to your needs. You choose the photos and text to add to their awesome designs and impress the recipients.

So far this has been their best deal of the year!

Visit them now (this is another affiliate link) and choose from any of their products and when you check out, use the promo code BDAY10 to save 30%.

Happy Shopping!

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