Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Great Bowling Tip To Teach Your Kids

I grew up loving bowling! In fact, I even was on my high school's bowling team. Not ten-pin. I bowled candlepin, which is bowling with a ball that has no holes in it. The ball actually fits in the palm of your hand. Truthfully, I think bowling helped my softball pitching accuracy and vice versa.

The first time I bowled ten pin was when I was dating my husband. And what a great story that made. My now husband bet me to a game of bowling, thinking that he would win hands-down. I actually thought he would too. I had never bowled ten-pin. The bet...if I won, he would take me to Las Vegas, Nevada. If he won, I would take him to South Beach, Florida. And I won! He and I both were in shock because I could hardly even pick up the balls. But I did win, and he honored the bet and took me to Las Vegas.

Well...just recently, I learned that selecting the right bowling ball can have an affect on your bowling game. I wish someone would have shared that tid bit of information years ago. Below is what I learned. I do want you to know that the following is a sponsored post, where I did receive a small payment. Bowling is such a fantastic family sport. And what I learned is educational and something every parent can share with their child.

What a Bowling Ball Is Made of:

Selecting the best bowling ball will definitely have an affect on your bowling game. Every person will have their very own set of preferences when it comes to the size and weight of the balls that they use to bowl. If you are a beginner, you can be confused as to which kind of bowling ball is best suited for your needs. Maybe understanding how a bowling ball is created and exactly what is inside of it may help you make a greater decision regarding your own bowling ball.


The bowling ball is pretty much one solid piece of material. If you decide to cut one out of half, you might discover a solid core making up a lot of the ball. This core is manufactured out of polyester resin which is combined with various minerals such as limestone. This mixture is then simply placed in a container to accept the form of a bowling ball and then left to set. However, the shape the core of the bowling ball takes will differ in order to create various kinds of bowling balls. Some will not only be heavier than others because there is a bigger core, but they may also behave differently.


In order to take the round shape of a regular bowling ball, the core, which is asymmetrical, is then put into another container and is given a polymer shell. Lastly, the outer layer from the bowling ball is known as a coverstock. These are manufactured from various materials such as plastic and polyurethane and each one has its very own unique characteristics. It is up to you to determine which one is better for your game.

Once you do decide on a bowling ball, you will need to look after it properly such as keeping it in a bowling ball bag. At you will have a large choice of products to ensure that you are on top of your game.


  1. Wow! We got bowling all the time and I did not know this stuff! Thanks!

    1. They should teach this stuff when kids have a bowling birthday party!

  2. Bowling is definitely about using your magical powers. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was on the final at Hogwarts.