Thursday, January 09, 2014

How One Child's Book Report Inspired An Author | Working Mother

As a children's author, I often wonder if one of my children's books touched a child's life. Last night, I received an unexpected surprise email from an eight year old girl who lives in California.

In the email, Sophia shared that she chose one of my children's chapter books - Madison and GA Tale of the Slimy Spitball- to write a book report about. Immediately, a smile filled my face. I was so honored that one of my books was one that a child picked for their school project to share with their class.

As I continued to read, I was blown away with the creativity and talent that this eight year old girl had. She actually wrote and sang a song for her book report about Madison and GA (My Guardian Angel) Tale of the Slimy Spitball and shared it on Youtube.

The lyrics are great and her voice is precious! And the song actually sticks in your head once you hear it.

As an author who hoped to make a difference in a child's life, this little girl made a difference in mine! I look forward to more kids doing the same and to hear about how one book inspired them to go after their dreams and believe in themselves!

Below are the lyrics and link to hear Madison and GA's song by Sophia.

by Sophia
My name is Madison
I have a guardian angel
She’s a klutz
doesn’t even know where to put her halo.
Oh, now...
What would you do if you blamed spit balls on her
or knocked over your twin brothers chair?
She’s been with me since the second I was born
and was taught to look after me.

Oh, oh, nobody really believes in G.A. so
were gonna stick together every single day.

So, give it up for G.A.
give it up for G.A.
My life would be a wreck
if it wasn’t for G.A.
All the things I do with G.A.,
only not when she’s at her little angel school, bleh.
So, give it up for G.A.,
give it up for G.A.
My life would be a wreck if it wasn’t for G.A.

But the best part is I know she’s always there for me
even though people call her
imaginary, imaginary, imaginary friend.
So not true.

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