Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ASTROLOGY NEWS: Responsibility, Discipline and Leadership Are Key When Saturn and Uranus Change Direction in July 2014

Saturn teaches us our life lessons. It's the planet of karma. It is all about taking responsibility, being discipline and working hard for what you want to achieve. On July 21, 2014, Saturn goes direct in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is all about power, extremes and intensity. With Saturn in the sign of Scorpio, you will see people trying to achieve their goals against all odds, including countries who are fighting for their identity and survival.

Within days of Saturn going direct, Uranus goes retrograde on July 23rd in the sign of Aries. Uranus is all about the unexpected and unpredictable. Aries are leaders and are the first one's to start things. But they may be the last to finish.

Truthfully, these two planets changing direction so close to each other in such power hungry signs makes me a bit nervous. The Middle East is still volatile. Questions still unknown about who will become the leader. These two planets can trigger ego's to want it all at the cost of everything. And the United States needs to determine what responsibility it has to its people as things get very heated up in other areas of the world.

In addition, major electrical storms (including tornado's) and an earthquake could result. Change is inevitable. But with Uranus in the picture, not all change will be predictable.

On a personal level, start that project you've been wanting to start. It's also a time to keep an eye out for opportunities and go after the job you've been wanting. Make sure as you are making your choices, it's not for selfish reasons. Taking advantage of other people will leave you learning another major lesson.

In summary:
  • Saturn will affect people's status, career and home. When it changes direction, it opens up opportunities for a move, a marriage, and a new job.
  • Uranus brings unexpected news. It's the planet of technology and infrastructure. Advances can be made, as well as new discoveries. Every time Uranus changes direction, I pray that JDRF finds a cure for my daughters type 1 diabetes disease.
  • It's a great time to start new projects.
  • If you are experiencing any health concerns, especially around your stress-level, anxiety and heart, you may want to slow down. Take deep breaths and remember that each and every one of us can only do so much.
  • Power struggles can result. Use self-control and stop before you say something that you will regret. 
  • Positive leadership is key. And knowing when and how to lead is most important. 
  • Major weather patterns - earthquake, electrical storm and even severe tornado's could result. 
  • Tame the ego inside of you that craves power at the cost of everything and everyone. This will end up your greatest learning lesson if you don't.
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