Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gerbs in the House $50 Book Giveaway

About Book:
Mocha (daddy) says it’s bedtime, but Petri (son) wants nothing to do with it!  Reading books, singing lullabies and juggling plates are only a few of the things Mocha does in an attempt to tire his son out. Although Petri is entertained, he still refuses to sleep. He just wants to dilly dally! Worn out by his son’s shenanigans and silly antics, will Mocha ever get Petri to bed before losing his marbles?

My Review:
**I was provided a PDF copy of this children's book for my honest review. My review is not from a writer's critique, but from a kid-friendly review.

This children's picture book is truly a creative rhyming piece! The colorfully illustrated front cover drew me in, and the illustrated pages combined with photos of two real live gerbils makes this children's picture book very entertaining and quite hilarious. It reminded me of when I was a child and dressed my cats up. 

My three year old enjoyed the pictures. My ten year old daughter enjoyed the rhyming story. It was a little longer (44 pages) compared to other children's picture books (32 pages) they've read. But the photos and illustrations were entertaining enough to keep their attention!

If your kids are gerbil lovers, they'll definitely be inspired and entertained by this children's book.

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