Monday, December 29, 2014

The Digital Crayon Stylus for Tablets and Smartphones Review

I was really excited to have my 3 year old and 10 year old girls try this product. It's such a great idea - fun crayon-like experience to make any drawing and coloring on tablets enjoyable! Kids love products and toys that are colorful and make their experience fun and entertaining. The Digital Crayon Stylus is one that was created to do this; however, from my kids personal experience it didn't live up to our expectations.

The Digital Crayon Stylus arrived in fun colorful packaging. I chose the orange crayon-like stylus to try-out. There are other colors available, depending on your child's personal preference. I originally thought that the color of the Digital Crayon Stylus was going to be the color that appeared when you colored or drew on your tablet. It actually isn't. The crayon-like stylus is just that "a stylus". When coloring, you use the stylus to select the colors you would like to fill in the coloring page. This to me wasn't a negative because the concept appealed to my kids - a fun, colorful stylus to use when coloring or drawing on their tablet.
Digital Crayon Stylus

What was challenging for both of my kids was the size, shape and durability of the stylus's tip. The Digital Crayon Stylus's tip was made out of a rubber-like material that was soft to the touch and could easily be pushed in. And you bet that all four of my kids tested that out, which I then had to lay down a rule that NO ONE was allowed to touch the tip of the stylus. I hate having to make rules for something that is supposed to be such a fun kid experience.

The crayon-like stylus's tip was also thicker, making it more challenging for even my 10 year old daughter to stay in the lines when she colored. This became frustrating for her and not as much fun. My 3 year old didn't care. She had fun coloring and it didn't matter if she stayed in the lines. However, within 15 minutes of my 3 year old coloring, she brought the stylus to me. She had torn the rubber-like tip of the stylus, making it unusable.

Overall, my kids and I love the concept. However, the way it is designed today just isn't user-friendly for any child over 3 years old to easily color within the lines.

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