Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fun April Fools' Day Pranks For The Family

Get your camera ready this April Fools' Day! Here are some kid-friendly April Fools' Day Jokes that kids will have a blast doing! Or that you could even do yourself!

One of my favorites is where you drill a hole in an apple and put a gummy worm, sticking out! This is a family-friendly April Fools' joke that also is a healthy fun treat!

Below are 20 hilariously fun April Fools' pranks that will get everyone laughing!
    April Fools Day
  1. Hilarious! Change the language on your kids or hubbies smartphone.
  2. Aahh! Hide a plastic bug or spider in your kids lunch! You can put it inside a bag full of grapes or on top of a sandwich! For dinner have your kids put one on your hubbies favorite meal!
  3. Serve some Brown E's! Cut up a whole bunch of brown letter E's. Then put them in a brownie baking pan and cover it with tinfoil. When your kids get home from school, tell them you made them some brownies. They will be really surprised when the find lots of brown E's!
  4. Pillow pop. Take your kids pillow out of it's pillow case and fill it with small balloons. Then lay it nicely on their bed. When they lay down, they'll find a big surprise!
  5. Soaked! Place a piece of tape over your kids faucet. When they turn it on, it will spray everywhere.
  6. Ouch! If you have crutches or a foot boot, use it! When your kids get home from school pretend that you broke or sprained your ankle. Milk it for as long as you can!
  7. Huh! Freeze your child's cereal with milk in it! It will be hilarious watching them try to eat it.
  8. Did my feet grow? Stuff toilet paper or tissue inside their shoes so when they put them on they will think their feet grew.
  9. Really funny! Short sheet your child's bed. What you do is make the bed where the sheet is folded halfway down. Put another blanket on top so they won't notice they half folded sheet. When your child get's in at bed time, they aren't going to be able to extend their legs!
  10. Frustratingly funny! Cover the remote sensor with a small piece of tape.
  11. A yummy surprise. Switch the chips trick. Take two snack-sized chip bags. Cut the bottom of both of them and switch the chips! Make sure you tape the bottom of both bags carefully so they won't notice.  
  12. Eeks! For lunch, cut a small hole in your child's apple and put a gummy worm in it.
  13. Uh-oh! Tell your kids that the Principal called about what they did at lunch. Then ask them to explain without mentioning anything else.
  14. Yuck! Make your child a sandwich and put a few drops of green food dye on the bread. They will think it has mold on it.
  15. So silly! Make jello the night before and put it in a glass cup with a straw. The next morning serve it to the kids.
  16. Yikes! Using a needle, poke tiny holes into a water bottle. Put it where your child usually sits for snack. When they pick it up and squeeze it, the water will squirt out everywhere. 
  17. Surprise cupcakes! Bake meatloaf in cupcake wrappers. Then top with mashed potato's and serve for dinner. You can even add food coloring to the mashed potatoes making them really look like frosting. When your kids see the cupcakes, they will think you are the coolest mom on the planet until they realize it isn't cupcakes and instead meat and potatoes.
  18. Seriously funny! Have your child clean their room. Tell them that they will get a really tasty treat afterwards. When they come to tell you it's clean, have your husband go in and stuff toys and books under their bed. You can even just re-dirty the room by scattering clothes and toys around it. Go upstairs with your child and check to see if the room has been cleaned. They will be shocked when they find it's a complete mess!
  19. OMG! I'm late! Set the alarm clocks ahead an hour! 
  20. Zing! Have your kids tell the classic "Your shoes are untied" to a friend. 

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