Friday, June 14, 2013

Have You Ever Had an OMG and WTBleepers Week? I Just Did!

This week has been such an insanely bizarre week for me. It all started on Sunday morning and hasn't stopped since.

Here's my OMG and WTBleepers of a week in a nut shell...

Sunday morning as I was checking emails, I noticed one from a woman who I didn't recognize her name. She was inquiring about my services. The email was one sentence and didn't tell me anything about who she was or how she found me. Not thinking anything of it, I responded back with information that I send to everyone (it contains a lot of legal jargon). In the legal jargon, it mentions that I can analyze her astrology chart if she chooses. She replied back that what I had sent her sounded like a scam, because I mentioned that I could interpret astrology charts. I didn't know how to respond. I've never hidden the fact that I'm into astrology. I've found it to be a great tool in helping determine best time periods to launch a new product, travel and more.

So here's the thing, I've sent the same information to clients for over fifteen years, and no one has ever mentioned being concerned that I do astrology. Her response was so mean, impersonable and secretive. And what really bothered me was that I let it bother me. I don't even know this woman and somehow I let her words make me feel worry and even concern for the safety of my family.

In today's world, there are so many people on the edge. It's so sad that we all have to be careful who contacts us through email. I love meeting new people and helping strangers, but not at the risk of feeling like my family's safety is in jeopardy.

Just be careful. There are people who aren't grounded and other's who are truly sending scams. I actually was being honest. I'm not sure who this woman was or what her intentions were. But I do know I'll never respond to her email again.

That same morning, I also received an email from my son's All Star baseball coach, mentioning that on June 13th he only had nine players and that he would be grateful if a family changed their plans. June 13th we had planned on celebrating my twins ninth birthday at Great Wolf Lodge. But we committed to being part of the team, so I rescheduled my twins two day mini birthday celebration at Great Wolf Lodge till July. I still made their day special! We celebrated their birthday at Sky High for a couple of hours and then came home for some double chocolate fudge birthday cake. It was delicious! The funny thing is in the end, Josh's All Star game was cancelled due to bad weather.

Monday morning at 6:10 am (my kids last day of school) I smelled something burning in the house. My heart was racing! It smelled like a wire was burning. I made my way quickly from the kitchen to where the smell got stronger in the front of our house. I scouted each room and noticed a faint fog of smoke in our paino room. Nervous that our house could be burning down, I shouted, "Something is burning, get out of the house," to my kids who were in their socks and pajama's, enjoying their eggs and bacon in celebration of their last day of school. They ran outside in the pouring rain. I dashed upstairs to get Isabella (my 20 month year old) who was sound asleep. Then I shot into my bedroom, pressed the fire alarm on our ADT security system sounding our alarm, ran down the stairs and started to unplug every plug I could find.

After going through the house unplugging every electrical wire plugged into an outlet, I ran outside to have my kids get a neighbor. They did exactly what I asked. My neighbor ran over with a fire extinguisher. But we couldn't find any sign of a fire. Then my phone rang. It was my husband. He said that ADT had called him and he cancelled my fire alarm request, thinking it was a false alarm because he had left the house not even ten minutes earlier to catch a flight. The lucky thing is he didn't cancel it fast enough so the fire department still arrived.

The firemen were so professional and courteous. They took control of the situation immediately. What put my mind at ease was that they smelled something too. The only thing was that none of us could find anything burning. My gut says that it was my thirty year old pencil sharpener, which I had unplugged as I ran through the house unplugging every electrical cord I could find. It was a scary morning, but one where my kids thought it was such a great way to end the school year! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that their new school year in August doesn't start off the same.

Tuesday my online animation class was rescheduled again. And I got a virus on my computer.

Wednesday at 5:00 pm, I couldn't find my son's baseball bag anywhere. When I asked him where it was, he said, "Dad was supposed to take it out of his car last night." My heart sank. My husband was traveling out of state which meant my son's baseball bag and equipment was probably in my husbands car at the airport. I called my husband, who said in a somewhat worried tone that the bag had to be somewhere in the garage. After about five minutes of me looking around, I asked him if it could be in his car still. He paused and replied that it may be.

I had less than two hours to feed my kids, pack the car (with diabetes supplies, diapers, snacks and more), get to the airport and find my husbands car, and then get to the baseball field for my son's tournament game. And I did it! It was pretty stressful, but my kids and I loved our newest adventure.

Thursday I took my kids and two of their friends to Sky High to celebrate my twins ninth birthday. The kids were bouncing off the walls they were so excited, until we found out that two of them couldn't jump. My stomach turned as I realized I didn't have waivers for two of my children's friends. I immediately contacted their parents. Luckily I was able to reach their parents and they were able to print Sky High's waiver form, fill it out and then fax it back. The bummer part was that the kids had to wait almost 40 minutes for everything to be processed.

It ended up being a great day where the kids spent two hours of jumping, while I spent two hours running around after my 20 month year old! (my kids are in the Orange/black shorts, purple shirt, and blue shirt below).

I received an email from my son's coach saying my son's All Star team is out of the tournament because of a run rule. I guess if you lose by a certain amount of runs, you are eliminated from the tournament. We had lost Wednesday nights game by ten runs, mostly by errors. Such a bummer.

Plans change. Things happen. And this week has definitely been a fun, eventful week. But I'm ready to slow things down just a little bit. I hope next week starts off more relaxed. But I doubt my wishes will come true, because Mercury turns retrograde on June 25th. When Mercury goes retrograde, it causes delays in travel, emails to be lost, phone calls to be missed and other events involving communication.

What I've learned is events like the above create great memorable stories and sometimes even books!


  1. You've had a long week! Don't take the women online to heart, I have had a lot of strange people get nasty with me on email. Sometimes people are just strange :)

    1. Hi Ann, It was a long week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Hi Ochi! I"m following back! Great meeting you and loved your shoes! :-) Melissa

  4. WOW crazy week! Hope it all got better! Thanks for following Mommy Time Out

    1. Thanks so much for following!!! So far it's a quiet, uneventful start to the week, and loving it! Hope you have a wonderful week too! Melissa