Sunday, June 23, 2013

ASTROLOGY NEWS: Firework Explosion In July When Saturn Goes Direct, Uranus Goes Retrograde and Mercury Goes Direct

July is the month filled with "Ah ha" and "Uh oh" moments! Saturn going direct (July 7th), Uranus going retrograde (July 17th), and Mercury finally turning direct (July 18th) will create an energy flow to teach us that nothing in life is perfect, that your past and present choices will affect your future, and that anything and everything is possible. But the most important thing is to realize that not everything can be planned for and to be open to the unexpected.

This is a month where freedom, structure and personal responsibility will be highlighted. And even if these transits are not aspecting one of your planets directly in your astrology chart, they will touch each and every one of our lives through friends, business decisions and governmental choices.

With Mercury already in retrograde going into July, Saturn will add to the communicative craziness by bringing those secrets out in the open as well as your successes. And when you add Uranus going retrograde to the equation, you will get a mixture of astonishing successes and unexpected misfortunes.

On a personal level, these planetary combinations will take what you have been working on the past six months and shake it up enough that you have to say and do something about it. You will get rid of things that aren't working and move forward with things that are. You will say things that need to be said, and some words will definitely strike the heart. This could be a time period of significant status change for you such as marriage, divorce, and career change.

On a global level, war, innovative discoveries, and unexpected weather conditions will make the news. With Saturn and Uranus, we need to watch out for power struggles and ego. Does it really matter who wins in the end, if no one is left to enjoy it?

What to expect:
  • A huge discovery, major progress and/or possibly even a cure around something involving cancer, the nervous system and/or the mind, like Alzheimer's.
  • Guns and war hot topics and possible events. Watch out for anyone unstable with access to destructive devices.
  • Important relationships and partnership encounters. I actually met my husband with a Uranus change in direction which affected my astrology chart. And bad relationships and partnerships ending.
  • Electrical storms, power outages and even an unexpected earthquake.
  • Watch out for fires, accidental in nature to. They could get out of control.
  • Delays and even tragic accidents around travel.
  • Secrets being revealed.
  • Speaking your mind and sharing your feelings.
  • Job promotions, projects getting off the ground and status change (like marriage or divorce).
  • Pregnancy. I got pregnant when Saturn changed direction, creating an entirely new identity for myself--mom!

What to be cautious of, especially because Mercury is still in retrograde:
  • Saying something you later regret.
  • Not realizing your true potential.
  • Being careless and reckless on the road.
  • Not locking your belongings up, causing theft.
  • Leaving important documentation around where it ends up being revealed.
  • Anything involving electricity and power.
  • Regarding health, always watch out for high blood pressure, anxiety and stress when Mercury and Uranus are involved. Not too mention, anything dealing with the mind or head such as concussions.
In a nutshell, power, freedom, and perseverance will flow steady and strong in the the independent month of July. Be ready to stay on your toes because anything and everything can happen with three major planets fighting for the spotlight. Like I said, these planets are going to stir the energy for explosive communicative events, where some will definitely make the news.

With Saturn in Scorpio, look within because that is where you will find the answers and the strength to persevere. Honesty is key during this time period, especially being honest to yourself. And take your time. Taking risks can be fun and rewarding. And the timing for taking risks couldn't be better. However, remember that with Saturn being the planet that teaches lessons and Uranus creating the unexpected, those risks may not play out in the exact way you had planned. If you have already learned your lesson, then you should be smiling in the end!

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  1. I hope we aren't on the receiving end of the electrical storms :) It's way too hot to lose my air conditioning! The cure for cancer would be a very nice thing to happen though!

  2. A cure for cancer would be wonderful! They'll make some major progress in a health area such as cancer, leukemia and/or the nervous system, which will be promising.

  3. What a great post, would be so nice to see the cure for cancer :)
    Vintage Inspired Girls

    1. It is possible! And when planets have movement like they will be in July, there is a stronger possibility of great things like CURES happening!

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