Sunday, June 30, 2013

Splatter and Friends Children's Book Giveaway Encouraging Summer Reading!

Splatter and Friends Children's Book Giveaway!

Splatter and Friends
Encourage summer reading by ENTERING Splatter and Friends children's picture book giveaway!

This month I'm offering three FREE ebook copies of Red Light! Green Light! Splat!, the first children's picture book in the Splatter and Friends series. Splatter and Friends are the Guardians of the Prism. Without them the world will be dark, dreary and colorless. And ugly villain Tar will take over the universe bringing doom and gloom.
Next time there is a rainbow, look close because you may just get a glimpse of seven colorful, friendly creatures and their dog sneaking a peak at you! And if you are lucky-SPLAT!-you may even get to meet one.
Swish! Swoosh! Splat-a-tat-tat! Splatter and Friends set off on another adventure splatting from a rare upside down rainbow inches from where Lionar, the King of Chimney Rock, was sitting. Lionar not only made new friends, but he also discovered that everyone and everything has color.
Red Light! Green Light! Splat! also includes three games your children can play at home.
Splatter and Friends is an educational children's book series that promotes creative learning, self-awareness, and the secret recipe for silliness. The color of Splatter and each of his friends symbolizes personality and behavioral traits. As you read each story, encourage your child to express their full splaterrific color! 

Red Light Green Light Splat's target age is preschool to kindergarten; however, Splatter and Friends characters is for everyone of all ages.

Three people will win a FREE eBook copy of Red Light Green Light Splat!

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  1. Would love to read these books to my kids. I love introducing new books. Now, I am on a world reading kick. I am reading one book a week from another country. Last week we read the Egyptian Princess. This past week we read The Monkey and the crocodile - a Jataka tale.

    1. Hi Lisa! Such a great idea to read books from other countries. I may actually incorporate that for my kids. Thanks so much, too for entering my giveaway!!! Love your blog and FB! Going to check out the books you mentioned above too. Happy 4th! Melissa

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  6. This book looks too cute! I'm sure my daughter would love it =)

  7. My son loves books! Im sure he would love this. Check out my giveaway on my page

  8. oh awesome book so cute, my child will surly enjoy this :) great giveaway