Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ten Things a Mom and Dad Can Learn From their Toddler

I am having so much fun experiencing the toddler age again! Especially because they live in the present, experiencing the world with "Oooh's" and "Aaaah's". But what many mom's and dad's forget is that their toddler is here to teach them not only about themselves, but also how to have fun again!

Below are ten things a mom and dad can learn from their toddler!
  1. Toddlers live in the present, helping you to enjoy every moment that exists. Mine loves to smell and taste everything. There isn't a flower that we pass without her touching it and going "Oooooo". And there isn't a rock that she hasn't tried to have me taste with her.
  2. Toddlers mirror (copy) what you say and do, showing you your good habits and bad habits. Pay attention because they can help you improve your speech and your actions. Isabella puts her sunglasses on when she sees me wear mine. And she's always writing and doodling which is something I do daily.
  3. Toddlers allow you to be a kid again. Dress up, have those tea parties and play in the sand. Let yourself be silly! 
  4. Toddlers can bring out your creative side. Isabella loves to color. And her little creative mind explores lots of different mediums to color on such as her body and my floor and my bathroom door and the kitchen table and my windows. How fun it is to be a toddler with no worries.
  5. Toddlers increase your problem-solving skills. Mine just the other day colored the bathroom door. I now how to figure out how to get it off.
  6. Toddlers make you realize the importance of sharing. Every morning, I share my breakfast with my little honeybee. And she shares hers with our goldendoodle. 
  7. Toddlers help you overcome materialism. With toddlers, things will break and get ruined. I've had quite a few things marked up, banged up and broken over the past year. Just last week, I had a beautiful glass candle holder that my toddler somehow got a hold of and broke. I was sad that it was broken, but honestly, I was more concerned that she didn't get cut.
  8. Toddlers teach you how much fun it is to laugh and giggle. Isabella puts on her siblings shoes, baseball hats and coats all the time. It's so darn cute seeing her walking around the house proud that she was able to put them on herself.
  9. Toddlers teach you patience. They are able to create the biggest messes within seconds. And it doesn't bother them that things can be scattered everywhere.
  10. Toddlers teach you that the little things in life are just as important as the big things. A hug, a smile and a giggle are the most important things to my toddler; and also her sippy and Elmo!

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  1. They do mirror everything I agree! I am constantly making sure that I am setting a good example :)

  2. From a mom who's had 4 toddlers, you hit every single one of these on the head. I loved the toddler years. They were my favorite.