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2013 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Ages Two to Ten

I love Christmas! And this Christmas I've put a lot of thought and research into the best toys (some have even won Parenting awards) and gadgets to purchase for my kids! In the years past, my kids have opened up a gift or two and never played with their present. And my husband has actually returned several of his.

This year will be different! And it will be cost effective and practical. Below are the gifts on my kids Christmas Wish List, which are mommy approved this Christmas 2013!

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Top Toys This Holiday Season Voted By 1,000 Kids

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Our Family Wish List Gift:
For the past three years, we've chosen Skylanders as the gift our kids open on Christmas Eve. It's a huge hit! And this year Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack (Wii) is the winner! But their is a new competition in the mix - Disney Infinity Starter Kit (Wii) .  Right now this is on our Wish List! The reason is because Disney Infinity's reviews seem to be average. Reviewers have said that the gaming is buggy and you can get through the levels pretty quickly. What I would recommend is if you buy it, keep your receipt. This way if you need to return it, you can. Remember, these games are an investment. Each requires you to continously purchase more and more figures.

Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack (Wii)


Not sure if we'll be getting this. It retails for $479.00. But it is one of the most demanded products this Christmas season.

Ten Year Old Boy Christmas Wish List:
We will be putting a gift card in his stocking for $20.00 so he can get a membership to Minecraft on his computer.

Ant Farm Gel Colony with Lights
I purchased this for my oldest son when he was six years old. It was a blast to watch the ants make tunnels and it looked really cool in the dark. I'm buying him another for Christmas! It was what he asked for.

Nancy B’s Science Club AquaScope™ and UnderwaterWonders Activity Journal

This toy won Parent's Choice Silver Honor!
Still up on the air on this one. In fact, I am struggling with this one. Many of my son's friends have or are getting an iPhone. My husband and I just can't see it's value at this point. So right now, my son is saving to buy this phone.

What are they going to come up with next? This cool robot fish swims around its bowl, just like a real fish, when it comes in contact with water. My son wants the shark one - Aquabot Shark on Amazon.

New England Patriots Door Stop Sign
Thought it would be fun to get both of my sons a door sign. I bought my ten year old the below sign and his brother a Dallas Cowboy sign.

Nine Year Old Boy Christmas Wish List:

Uncle Milton Moon In My Room
I have been thinking about getting this for one of my boys for years and this year I did!

This is still on our Wish List. The reason is because some of the reviews mentioned that it's not the best toy to use on hardwood floors because it could scratch them. And other's said it doesn't work well on carpet. It sounds like it is more of a garage or outdoor toy. If you are interested, presently, I found it cheaper on Amazon. I think Walmart's price must be wrong. Hopefully the catch and update.

I bought this for my son last Christmas and it's still a hit!

 Nine Year Old Girl Christmas Wish List:
We'll be putting movie tickets in her stocking this holiday season! As well as the boys!

Flutterbye Flying Fairy Doll
Yes, I purchased it. It was the #1 toy my nine year old daughter asked for Christmas.

Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow Blaster
This is a HOT item this Christmas and looks like so much fun. It also has really good reviews!

Great for drawing, doodling, homework and keeping notes.

Alex Toys Cool Duct Tape Fashion Kit

This is my favorite thing to do with my nine year old daughter! We've taped headbands, sneakers, and even the top of her baseball pat.

Do It Yourself Duct Tape Kit

I'm not able to purchase this for my daughter this year because I have a 2 year old. But her girlfriends love making bracelets out of rubber bands.

Autographed copy of Madison and GA (Tale of the Messed Up Talent Show)
Yes, I wrote it, but it was just released on November 15th and my daughter, Madison, who has type 1 diabetes, keeps asking me for a copy. Thought I'd surprise her for Christmas! I was even thinking of framing the front cover and having her fictional character's picture next to her picture.

Two Year Old Girl or Boy:

LeapFrog Red with Me Scout Toy
We have LeapFrog Tag. We purchased it when my oldest three were 4 years old. It was the best purchase we ever made. I'm going to try Read with me Scout for my 2 year old.

This toy pup reads and asks questions!

VTech Tote Go Laptop Pink

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Musical Pirate Ship
I won't be purchasing this for Isabella. But thought I would share it because its so darn cute!


B. Parum Pum Pum Pum Drum Set (at Target)

Leap Frog Letter Factory Phonics Numbers


Fashion Angels Tapeffiti 30 Piece Caddy
Yes, I'm going to be opening up Tapeffiti for Christmas. This stuff is great arts and crafts projects, making ripped paper look cool, and more!

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone (Platinum)

I'm creating a book app and need high quality recording. My kids can also use it to record music and singing.

I'll be wearing these to the Southern Christmas Show for Children's Story Time. I tried them on and they don't show your belly and truthfully they aren't sexy. They are really cute! I plan on wearing my hair in pick-tails.

This is the best and most practical gift for a man or woman. It comes in lots of colors. Great stock'n stuffer.

  Mabel Labels: 

Holiday Return Address Labels

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  1. Hey this is such a great post on gift ideas for kids. I like this post very much.Thanks for sharing such a great and interesting post.

  2. The toys above look fun. Kids sure will love them.


  3. Great ideas! Another idea would be a pair of overstuffed slippers for the winter! My son is a big New England Patriots fan so we got him an awesome pair of happy feet slippers he can wear on Sundays with this Brady jersey.

  4. Joan, just visited Happy Feet Web site.Their slippers look fun and so comfy. Going to try!

  5. Lovely list. I was looking for ideas for my little brother. He loves the How to Train your Dragon Franchise so I thought I could get him a subscription to School of Dragons game. I think he'd prefer something he could show of to his friends though. Thanks Joan! Great list!

    1. Hi Melissa, my kids love that movie! I never heard of School of Dragons. Going to check out. Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays!

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  9. Great ! Thanks for sharing this. I would like to discover more about this. Christmas is fast approaching so I would to try this kind of ideas. Once again, thank you so much.

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  11. Hi Stephanie! The Aquascope is fun. Wasn't used as much as I hoped. But all four of my kids, including my two year old loved and used the Boogie Board writing tablet and Ant Farm!

  12. Wow~ Melissa, your gift ideas for your kids is simply "GORGEOUS"!!I found this Ant Farm, really excited! and going to buy one for ME, my kid don't know what is that, lolz..... Anyhow, thank you so much for your sharing, Melissa!

    1. HI Susan! We loved the ant farm! It is such a great experience for kids and adults! Happy holidays!