Monday, March 17, 2014

Fun Ideas for Celebrating St. Patricks Day with Your Kids

"According to legend, Saint Patrick used the three-leaved shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans." St Patricks Day (Wikipedia)

It's not too late to make St. Patrick's Day special and fun for your kids.

Since my kids were four years old, I've made it look as if a sneaky leprechaun came into our house in search of his pot of gold. My kids love trying to trap the little guy! They build and set the leprechaun trap and then I trigger it! LOL

This year we took baking flour, poured it on our kitchen island, and then placed a sealed bottle of gold dust in the middle, hoping a leprechaun would try to steal the gold and leave his / her footprints. Well, the little leprechaun did better. He wrote the word LUCKY, letting the kids know that they were lucky this time that he didn't swipe the gold because he couldn't open the bottle.

My oldest son set a trap in his toilet. Using two Qtips, he placed them vertical so they held up the toilet seat. Then he put a fake gold rock on the toilet seat, hoping the leprechaun would try to swipe it, hit one of the Qtips and then fall into the toilet. Well, they were outsmarted again. The leprechaun turned the toilet water green and left the fake gold behind for the kids.

Other ideas that you can still do:
  • Dye your milk green. Go to the grocery store and buy green food coloring. Then put lots of drops of it into a milk carton. When the kids pour it in the morning, they will find a big green surprise.
  • Leave a green necklace for the kids to find when they wake up. I use mardi gras beads. After St. Patricks Day, I swipe the necklaces, kids hats, and green sunglasses and hide them till the next year.
  • Buy a box of Lucky Charms, cut out the picture of Lucky and put him in a bowl with the cereal.
  • Create some fun St. Patricks Day crafts and recipes!
  • Paint a shamrock or a pot of gold on your child's face using facepaint.

Holidays like St. Patricks Day teaches kids about other cultures and countries. Ireland is a country that is full of wonderful traditions with St. Patricks Day being just one. Here are two kid-friendly sites that teaches kids all about Ireland!
Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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