Thursday, March 13, 2014

When Is Kid Teasing Going To Far?

Last night, my oldest son mentioned that a kid (and then the kids friends) at school was teasing him about something he was passionate about when he was in 2nd grade. When my son was in 2nd grade, he watched the movie Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Immediately, he connected with Sharkboy, imagining himself as the character. At home and school, he would talk about sharks and how he even was becoming one. His desire to be Shark Boy motivated him to learn everything he could about sharks and marine life. In fact, it even ignited within him the desire to become a marine biologist.

Sharkboy from the movie Sharboy and Lavagirl

What kid doesn't imagine themselves becoming a superhero or movie character? I remember watching Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman, and hoping one day I would grow up and become them, saving lives and being super! But those characters didn't ignite a career passion for me, like my son's character. Although, it did help me see woman as stronger, encouraging me to grow into becoming a stronger more confident female.

Sharkboy is a character of the past for him. Yet, some kids just won't let go, especially because he still is very passionate about marine life. What my husband and I explained to him is that some kids are going to tease and that he needs to calmly tell the kid to stop saying that. We also shared:

  • Just shrug it off. Some kids are going to tease and let it go.
  • Tell the teaser to stop. Say it once, if the kid doesn't, then walk away.
  • Walk away and find a friend to be near.
  • Calmly, let the kid know that you did believe that when you were younger, but now you don't.
  • Go tell an adult.
Teasing and making fun of someone is not okay. It hurts. Some people say, "I was just joking around." Jokes are fine, but when it belittles someone or makes fun of someone, then the joke has gone too far.

It's up to us as parents, teachers and coaches to teach our kids that teasing and making fun of someone isn't acceptable behavior. I like teaching kids by putting them in the other person's shoes. How would they feel if someone was doing this to them? How would they feel if they weren't included in the group? How would they feel if kids made fun of something they were passionate about or liked?

Teasing is bullying. Kids do it for attention. Kids do it because they see their parents doing it. Kids do it because they are angry.

Please help teach your child that teasing, making fun of, and bullying other kids is not okay. Parents and teachers have to be responsible role models. Our actions, our behavior, and our words are creating the next generation.

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  1. It's unfortunate kids have to be so mean, but the best defense is to teach our kids how to handle it. Great post! Thanks for sharing :)