Thursday, September 04, 2014

ASTROLOGY NEWS: Pluto Goes Direct With Transforming Power

Pluto goes direct in the sign of Capricorn September 22, 2014. Pluto is slow at creating change. It makes you feel. It causes some to hit rock bottom so they are forced to change old habits and ways.

On a global level, the United States and it's allies need to join forces, uniting for a common cause -- PEACE! And it has to happen now! With Pluto going direct in the sign of Capricorn, the USA has to be practical with its decisions, yet move forward strong and confidently. This is a time to transform the world and not let the bad guys become the transformers.

In addition, the energy of the country starting this fall and over the next four years is similar to when Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan were in the Presidential office, making me believe that a Republican will become the next President of the United States.  

On a personal level, as Pluto turns direction, let bygones be bygones. Forgive and move on. Let go of the past, because it cannot be changed. 

Things to watch out for as Pluto turns direction September 24th.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse are big subjects when Pluto changes direction. Do not drink and drive!
  • Manipulation is another area.
  • Depression usually reveals itself. Those who are prone to have depression need to make sure they take their meds or see their therapist if things are feeling a little out of control.
  • Watch out being overly stubborn and fixated.
  • Count to ten to keep better control of your temper or go for a walk.

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