Friday, September 19, 2014

Spooky and Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas for Inside Your House

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, especially decorating my house! We have two floors that we decorate - the main floor and basement. On the main floor, we keep it light and fun, so little kids can still enjoy. For our basement, we metamorph it into a Haunted House! This is our fifth year of making our basement into a spooky Haunted House to share with family friends.

First, some musts to make the inside of your house spooktacular!

 I just love Michaels Arts and Crafts Lemax Spooky Town collection and so do all my kids! My kids and their friends stand there forever enjoying it. We have a witch riding a bike. Skeletons dancing. Another skeleton driving a hearse. And more!

There is also a Lemax Spooky Town collection on

This year I purchased a spooky house collectible from Michaels Lemax Spooky Town Collection called Dead Man's Cabin! It lights up. The fence that I put around it was a separate item in the collection.
In my dining room, I have the butler. He's a 5ft standing Bobblehead Reaper with sound effects that I purchased from Home Depot. Only $59.98.  It's a great deal compared to the one's at SpiritHalloween. He talks, his eyes light up and his head bobbles up and down. He's so life like. He's also very easy to put together.

I also have a punch bowl, candles, and various potions that I purchased at Michaels Arts and Crafts too. Michaels has weekly coupons you can find on the web and they also take competitors coupons.

Lights and fabric drape are another must! I purchased the colorful ceramic books and the sparkly word signs from Michaels. The skeletons I purchased from Party City and  Walmart.

Oh, and the string-light purple hanging gauze garland you see in the picture, was purchased from Target for $10.00.

(Not in the picture) I used black creepy cloth as curtains for my windows in this room.

Okay, I just love these two animal skeletons. They are so fun and really add character to my room which used to just have your ordinary skeletons.

This is the first year that I've seen them. The skeleton dog retails for $39.99.  I purchased it from SpiritHalloween. The skeleton cat I bought at Target for $24.99. Both are a little pricey but they are such a great addition!

I signed up for SpiritHalloween emails and was able to get a coupon! Also, when your delivery arrives they include a 20% coupon off a single item on your next purchase.

Knick-knacks add so much character to creating a fun and lively room. I stuck black roses in a vase, which you can pick up at Party City, Target, and SpiritHalloween. I also purchased some fun knick-knacks at Kirklands and Michaels.

Additional props and decorations include skeletons, spooky Halloween signs, foam grave stones, framed art work that lights up, pictures that change appearance depending on where you are standing, and animated pieces are another fun addition. Below are several that I've hung up. The BEWARE sign will be leading guests to the Haunted House, which I will share in another post as I start decorating it. You can purchase the below at stores like Walmart, SpiritHalloween, Party City, and  

My all time MUSTS for decorating the inside and outside of your house is having lots of skeletons and grave stones! 

Have fun decorating and please share the spooky pieces you've included in your home!

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