Sunday, November 09, 2014

Overprotective Mom Did It! My Type 1 Diabetes Girl Is Out At The Movies Without Me

My Girl With Type 1 Diabetes
I'm sitting at my computer nervously waiting for one text or call from Madison (my 10 year old daughter with type 1 diabetes) to let me know she's okay. I finally let her go to the movies and then out for pizza without me or her dad being there. It actually isn't that we need to be there. I always felt better if someone who was trained or well educated in her disease should be with her. Today, she's out without anyone who has been trained, and a dad who has only been briefly prepped on her complex and deadly disease.

Since she was diagnosed (November 4, 2011), my husband and I have attended every birthday party, athletic game, and school event she has been invited to. We have allowed her to go over friends houses without us, but with pretty strict rules to follow such as calling me when she was going to eat so I could confirm her carb count to insulin dosage, since the parent wasn't as well educated in that area. It just gave me peace of mind having her call me.

Waiting for My Sweetie to Come Home
But today, Madison is at the movies (Big Hero 6) and out for pizza with her friend and her friends family without me, and without having to call me. And YES, I AM WORRYING! Well...I actually am experiencing conflicting emotions right now. There is a part of me that is hoping she doesn't call or text me and she handles every high and low, every blood glucose check, and everything else with managing her disease on her own. This would be such a great accomplishment for her, giving her more freedom! But then there is a part of me that worries, that wants to know she's okay. AND I AM WORRIED.  I guess that's what comes with parenting and parenting a child who is living with this disease.

The movie started at 1:10 pm. It's now 1:35 pm and she hasn't needed to contact me, which is fantastic! But I hate wondering.

I do kind of feel bad. Madison asked if she could have popcorn, which I told her she couldn't. Popcorn is hard to measure and estimate an accurate carb count. As such I told her no. If she measured the popcorn wrong, she could experience hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. I was trying to prevent her from experiencing either right now. When her blood glucose is high, It comes with so many downsides like headaches, stomach aches, and not being able to focus. Even though she won't be eating popcorn, I did pack her two snack sized candy bars, a lollipop, and a mint. All that she knows the exact carb count for.

And for her lows, she has three juices (to treat her lows) and peanut butter crackers (to stabilize her blood sugar). I also borrowed my son's cell phone so she would able to contact me herself and not have to constantly ask her friends dad, if she did need to reach me.

I can't wait till she comes home to hear how the movie was and how everything went. This is a day I will always remember because it's the day where I felt comfortable enough that she could take care of her type 1 disease on her own without an educated adult nearby. It also is a day where she felt confident enough to do it without her dad or I there.

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