Sunday, April 19, 2015

FurBuddy Pet Brush Grooming Kit Review

Pet Grooming Brush Kit
The FurBuddy Pet Brush Grooming Kit is everything you need to brush any length haired pet! 

I have a golden doodle and an exotic short haired cat. Both require a lot of grooming. 

In fact, I have to brush my golden doodle daily so his Shaggy D.A.-like hair doesn't get all tangled and matted. My 10 year old daughter brushes our exotic short hair at least four times a week to get all the dead hair out. She sheds like crazy! Especially right now because it's spring.

The FurBuddy Grooming Kit comes with:
    Pet Grooming Brush
  • A detachable handle
  • A Bristle-pin Brush which is great for short or long haired pets. 
  • A Slicker Brush which has worked wonders for getting all the dead hair and some tangles out of my golden doodles and exotic shorthaired cats hair.
  • A Deshedding Rake. So far we've only used the rake on our dog. It hasn't hurt him once. I own a comb too which he hates. The rake doesn't seem to pull his skin as I'm working out the knots and mats, while the comb pulls his skin and makes him irritable.
  • One Year 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
  • A Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
Watch this video to see me using the brushes on my golden doodle! 
He's finally loving grooming time!


The FurBuddy Pet Grooming Kit was provided to me for free through Tomoson for my honest opinion, which I provided.

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