Friday, April 10, 2015

Vitamin C 20% Serum Skin Care Anti-Aging Review

Amazing results in just a couple weeks!

I've been using Vitamin C 20% Serum by Life Essentials for about two weeks now and it really has been working wonders with helping my fine lines appear less visible!

The product came in a tinted bottle (see picture). The Vitamin C Serum is a foggy color with a thicker texture than water.

Since I've received the Vitamin C Serum, the following has been my skincare routine:

Morning time routine: I wake up, wash my face with a facial cleanser and then put one squirt of Lytera on my fingers and gently rub onto my face. I also apply a sunscreen right after.

Night time routine: I wash my face again with a facial cleanser and remove my eye make-up with an eye make-up remover. I then put 3 - 4 drops of Life Essentials Skin Care Vitamin C 20% Serum on my face and gently rub it in. Once it's absorbed, I apply one squirt of Lytera and then a squirt of Retinol Complex. Lately the Retinol Complex has been peeling my face (Spring time brings more sun), so I've been using it every few nights instead. 

I also apply a moisturizer daily.

Overall, I've noticed a significant difference in my fine lines since using this product! And I'm very pleased with the results so far!

The only con is that I wish the Vitamin C 20% Serum had a stronger orange and tangerine smell. I love aromatherapy and products like this would do very well if it was tied in with aromatherapy.

I received a free sample of the Vitamin C 20% Anti-aging Serum through Tomoson for my honest review. It's available on Amazon!

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