Thursday, April 23, 2015

Build Your Child's Self-Esteem With Post-it Note Affirmations

Self-esteem KidsFor years now, I've been putting little notes in my kids lunch boxes, some with stickers on them and others written in pretty colors, hoping to bring a smile to their face and remember how much they are loved. My kids have shared that those little colorful notes have really made their day.

This year I took it one step further. I started writing affirmations on post-it notes, hanging them around the house for each of them to read. Affirmations are positive sentences written in first person that a person reads daily over and over again. In doing this, the positive words that the person reads starts entering their subconscious mind replacing negative beliefs with positive ones.

My oldest three are tween-age; and over the past year I've noticed that they are harder on themselves, using words like "I can't" and "I"ll never" and "He's better". My goal as a parent is to help them believe in themselves and their abilities. I want to encourage them to love every aspect of themselves inside and out. So this year, I started to leave positive affirmations on Post-it notes on their bathroom mirror, their bedroom door and even snuck a few into their lunch boxes.

In fact, my 10 year old son who has been beating himself up for two baseball seasons because he hasn't been able to hit, whacked the ball out to the outfield twice last night, bringing in five runs and getting two doubles! I really think these positive affirmations have really helped him!

Writing affirmations and sticking them around the house is such an easy thing for parents to do and it can be done in less than a minute.

All you need is:

We as parents truly can make a difference in our kids lives!

If you have or start posting affirmations for your kids to read, please share how it's going! My kids have definitely become more positive and confident!


Leslie said...

These are a great idea! I may do them in my bathroom and beside my bed so I'll see them when I wake up. One small thing can make your day great.

Melissa Perry Moraja said...

I'm so glad you like it! I've always posted them on my computer and office wall. My kids have gotten a kick out of it. Now they are having a blast waiting for the next positive Post-it note that I write. Hopefully they'll begin writing their own soon!

Erin @ Nourishing My Scholar said...

I love this idea! Now I just need some colorful post it notes :-)

Melissa Perry Moraja said...

My kids love it when I post them in their bathroom and bedroom. They like it even more when I write the affirmations specifically to them.

Jenn @ The Art of Better said...

Love this so much! I do it for our 12 y/os bathroom mirror, but not in first person. She rolls her eyes a little since she is getting older but I know she really loves it. Thanks for linking up at the Monday Mash-Up.

Melissa Perry Moraja said...

I think either way, first person or phrases, it really can make a world of difference! Sometimes I just write "I love you!" Thanks so much for stopping by!

Sarah K. said...

What a wonderful way to encourage positive thinking and healthy self talk! I don't have any children yet, but I think I'm going to have to write some of these reminders for myself. haha Thank you for sharing!


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