Monday, December 06, 2010

Holiday "Ho YUM YUM" Crafty Dessert Triggers Creative Juices

Creativity and imagination are the greatest strengths of a psychic. Below is a fun kid crafty dessert that can keep those creative juices flowing in your child.

First, you'll need about 5 to 10 soup sized bowls to put the ingredients in. Paper bowls works great!

Second, you'll need the ingredients to make the craft. Pre-made brownies (you are always free to make home made too!), preztel sticks, gummy bears, mini chocolates, candy canes, sprinkles, marshmellows, and a can of frosting. You can also get additional ingredients such as chocolate chip cookies, cup cakes, etc.

Next, put each ingredient in a separate bowl. Then put the bowls on the table where the kids will make their dessert craft.

Fourth, on each child's paper plate, put a scoop of frosting and one brownie. If your child doesn't like brownies, you can use a cookie, large marshmellow, or Rice Krispie treat instead.

Fifth, give each child a paper plate with the frosting and brownie on it, along with a plastic spoon.

Finally, let your children create any animal, creature, or anything they want using the delicious food ingredients. They can make a reindeer, a snowman, a spider and more! Then when the are finished, it's time to eat their yummy dessert.

Happy Holidays,


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