Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twas 3:37 am and the Moraja's were up

Twas the morning of Christmas and all through the house, the words "He came! He came!" echoed, but not from a little mouse. It was Jake and Josh, my two eager sons, huffing and puffing by my bedside, ready for some holiday fun! I quickly snuck a glimpse of my twenty year old clock, it was 3:37 am, way to early for me man.
But that wasn't the last visit, from my two determined boys... their visits continued at 4:19 am... 4:45 am... 5:06 am... 5:30 am... 6:30 am... We had envisioned them sleeping all through the night, snuggled in their beds waking up at dawn light. But the excitement, the joy, the passion for the holiday, permeated through their veins, early morning Christmas day. Jake was sure he saw dust sprinkling out of the chimney. Josh said he did too. Both jumped shouting, "Yippee, Yippee!"

As for Madison, she snuggled in our bed with a 101 fever, hoping to rest so she'd feel a little more eager. Finally at 7:00 am I rolled out of bed. Finding Jake, Josh and Madison seconds ahead. The Spirit, the love for giving and sharing, was what filled our home leaving each one of us caring. We opened our presents, as patient as a kid can, sharing in the memories of our small loving clan.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season,


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