Tuesday, May 27, 2014

ASTROLOGY NEWS: Watch Out When Mercury and Neptune Go Retrograde in June

With Mercury and Neptune going retrograde within days of each other in June, many will experience high emotions and over thinking things.

Mercury goes retrograde from June 7 - 30th, bringing with it lost emails, missed phone calls, and even computer crashes. Experts advise that this isn't a great time to sign contracts or make big purchases. Wait until Mercury goes direct. 

Neptune goes retrograde on June 9th in the water sign of Pisces. This is a great time to tap into your intuition. Listen to your inner voice because it can help guide you. 

Other areas these two planets can trigger include:
  • Flooding
  • Electrical storms 
  • High emotions and over thinking things
  • Dreams that can manifest into reality
  • Unexpected accidents
  • Miscommunication causing unnecessary hurt feelings

My recommendation:
  • Drive slowly especially in the rain
  • Be more cautious when boating
  • Keep all drinks away from your computer because you are more likely to spill it during Mercury retrograde
  • Hold off on signing contracts or making big purchases till July 1st
  • If you have a cold, watch out that it doesn't develop into pneumonia
  • Don't drink and drive
  • Listen and repeat what someone else says because it is much easier for you to misinterpret what someone else means
Get ready for some more unexpected events in July 2014 when Saturn goes direct and Uranus goes retrograde within days of each other. More coming soon!

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