Thursday, January 08, 2015

How to Paint Wine Glasses - Adding Glitter and Gems (Part Three)

Hooray! Your diy hand painted wine glass is almost finished! Now it's time to add some glitter and sparkle to your diy beautiful glass piece.

Custom hand painted wine glasses

Supplies you will need: 
  • Dried or baked hand painted wine glass. 
    • DO NOT bake your glass piece after you have adhered glitter or gems. They will burn and melt.
  • Glitter colors of your choice.
    • The glitter I prefer is Creatology Glitter Shakers.
    • I tried really fine glitter and it doesn't adhere very well.
  • Gem shape and size of your choice.
    • Gems for arts and crafts
    • I purchase most of my gems at Michaels Arts & Crafts right after a holiday.
    • Most gems I find on sale are located in the scrapbooking or holiday display craft aisle.
  • Gem glass adhesive.
    • Aleene's Glass and Bead Adhesive is what I use.
  • Glitter glue for glass.
    • Delta Air Dry PermEnamel Clear Gloss Glaze OR
    • Mod Podge - I found this doesn't work as well. But some people like it.
  • Paint brush for glitter.
  • Paper towel to remove glitter mistakes.
  • Medium-sized container used to catch excess glitter.
  • Rubber gloves.
  • Tweezers to pick up and adhere small gems and beads.
Make sure you are in an air-vented room. 
  • The gem glue smell is extremely strong and could knock out a gorilla.
  • If you are pregnant, I would suggest doing this outside or not doing at all. 
READ all glue labels before you begin to know dry times and warnings. 

Adhere glitter first because the glitter glue will dry faster than the gem glue. This way you can do both steps within an hour of each other.

Steps to adhere glitter to wine glass:
  1. Dip tip of paint brush in the Clear Gloss Glaze.
    Clear Gloss Glass Glaze
  2. Paint a layer of the clear gloss glaze in the area you would like glitter. 
  3. Open the glitter container.
  4. Hold the wine glass in your hand over the medium-sized container.
  5. Pick up the glitter and sprinkle the glitter over the area of glue. I completely cover it.
    Glitter on Hand Painted Glass
  6. Carefully blow off the excess glitter into the container. 
  7. Make touch-ups.
    Adding Glitter on Hand Painted Wine Glass
  8. Carefully dump the excess glitter in the container back into the glitter shaker.
  9. Wait at least 30 minutes before adding glitter to another area. This way you won't mix colors.

Steps to adhere gems to wine glass:
  1. Add a small amount of the platinum bond glue to the wine glass. You don't need much. 
    Gems on Hand Painted Wine Glass
  2. Place gem on top of bond adhesive and press down.
    Adding Gems to Hand Painted Wine Glass
  3. Continue adhering all gems.
    Painting Wine Glass Stem
  4. You should not wash your wine glass for 10 days after adhering gems to ensure the platinum bond gem adhesive has completely dried.

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